sometimes mondays | 3.2.20 …

sunrise, as I type, is soft, gentle, quiet; just a whiff of pink color tinges the edges of the horizon…it’s quiet, only the steady rhythm of the clock’s tick tick tick and the clump of the keys on the keyboard as I punch, can be heard. As I am not a typist, frequently I have to pause, correct. Over the years I’ve unknowingly learned placement of a few keys, a very few. I cannot type you without looking at my hands and the keyboard; when I don’t I always, without fail, type oyu . I wonder why my brain doesn’t stop me? Hmmm…

This morning I share the fruits of 29 consecutive days in February capturing memories into the making of scrapbook layouts. I’m not sure how the dates of the collage were left off but the month begins in the upper left corner and reads across. I told stories of my great grand nephews, Chris and Elias; my parents; my birthday weekend at Bethany Beach DE with friends; of friendships; my favorite place on earth: Sisters Oregon; an ’80s trip to Austria; a couple seasonal (December 2019) and sky/weather stories. My favorite layout is the second in the 3rd row of clouds.

I always enjoy LOAD and am also happy when it’s over. I like to think that I’ll keep the momentum going but I don’t. My brain tells me it’s time to pause, take a break, refresh and get ready for the next session – 31 days in May! … Maybe during the break I will learn how to type y-o-u !


a space of my own …

As you, my blog friends/readers know, this month I am participating in LOAD: Layout A Day. This is my 10th anniversary for doing the February session. LOAD comes around three times a year: Feb, May and Oct plus a week in August. I joined because I had a lifetime of stories to tell about my life’s journey and the time – I retired January 2010. Most of those years, I did make 28 or 29 LOs (layouts) in February; thus far this session, I’m on track.* Many of my life stories I’ve also shared over the years via blogging.

My intention/goal this year – 2020 – is to build on the momentum from this month’s LOAD. I want to exhaust my memory/daily life banks – to get those stories written down and published as:

  • blog posts
  • scrapbook layouts/albums
  • printed books

Today, I thought I’d share my Ode to LOAD 220 Day 18 layout. Below is the text from the layout tho’ I think it’s readable in the photo too (but why have to work at it?)… And now, after I publish this post, it’s time to create today’s LOAD. My plan is to share all the layouts using the Collect app Monday  March 2.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!


*Text of layout

Every morning I read and write. One of my AM reads is Sarah Ban Breathnach’s 2019 revised and updated Simple Abundance .

Today’s entry invites, encourages us, women, to find, create, and secure our own individual space to create – be it: a room, a studio, her bed, an iPad,  “staring at a blank wall,”or a piece of paper and a pen.

My space/place is my paper journal  and a pen or pencil:

• some times it is bound and ,

• sometimes, it happens to be a piece of whatever paper is available… ; and

• sometimes it is my iPad and pencil or keyboard.

• sometimes it is a photo with a caption or not.

• sometimes it is a memory brought to surface via a tune/melody; time of day; day of month; month of the year; or a quote.

It matters little. Whatever the incentive , I am transported to a place/space in my mind/memory that brings me joy, encouragement, sustenance , love, promise, calmness, gratitude.

Perhaps it is serendipity that today’s LOAD prompt invites us to share our private, safe, creative spaces ~ where we discover/experience/enjoy :

• calm, quiet, peace, rejuvenation, communion, insight, encouragement, gratitude,

• remember with warm heart memories of loved ones and places, dreams ~ some realized, others, still on the menu…and even those abandoned for whatever reason ~ most likely because it wasn’t the time.