a space of my own …

As you, my blog friends/readers know, this month I am participating in LOAD: Layout A Day. This is my 10th anniversary for doing the February session. LOAD comes around three times a year: Feb, May and Oct plus a week in August. I joined because I had a lifetime of stories to tell about my life’s journey and the time – I retired January 2010. Most of those years, I did make 28 or 29 LOs (layouts) in February; thus far this session, I’m on track.* Many of my life stories I’ve also shared over the years via blogging.

My intention/goal this year – 2020 – is to build on the momentum from this month’s LOAD. I want to exhaust my memory/daily life banks – to get those stories written down and published as:

  • blog posts
  • scrapbook layouts/albums
  • printed books

Today, I thought I’d share my Ode to LOAD 220 Day 18 layout. Below is the text from the layout tho’ I think it’s readable in the photo too (but why have to work at it?)… And now, after I publish this post, it’s time to create today’s LOAD. My plan is to share all the layouts using the Collect app Monday  March 2.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!


*Text of layout

Every morning I read and write. One of my AM reads is Sarah Ban Breathnach’s 2019 revised and updated Simple Abundance .

Today’s entry invites, encourages us, women, to find, create, and secure our own individual space to create – be it: a room, a studio, her bed, an iPad,  “staring at a blank wall,”or a piece of paper and a pen.

My space/place is my paper journal  and a pen or pencil:

• some times it is bound and ,

• sometimes, it happens to be a piece of whatever paper is available… ; and

• sometimes it is my iPad and pencil or keyboard.

• sometimes it is a photo with a caption or not.

• sometimes it is a memory brought to surface via a tune/melody; time of day; day of month; month of the year; or a quote.

It matters little. Whatever the incentive , I am transported to a place/space in my mind/memory that brings me joy, encouragement, sustenance , love, promise, calmness, gratitude.

Perhaps it is serendipity that today’s LOAD prompt invites us to share our private, safe, creative spaces ~ where we discover/experience/enjoy :

• calm, quiet, peace, rejuvenation, communion, insight, encouragement, gratitude,

• remember with warm heart memories of loved ones and places, dreams ~ some realized, others, still on the menu…and even those abandoned for whatever reason ~ most likely because it wasn’t the time.