unraveled wednesday | 2.19.20 …


Hello! Yes, I’m still around… I took a break from blogging; not meaning to but it happened. There just weren’t enough hours in my days and I had a groaning board agenda or perhaps I’m just not too organized. Whatever, my days have been full; I can’t quite believe a week has come and gone. Time flies…

  • On Valentine’s Day, I finished the second tree quilt block for Australia and off they’ll go tomorrow. Wahoo!
  • Monday we got a new microwave oven. Wahoo!
  • I have kept up with LOAD (making a scrapbook layout a day).Wahoo!
  • I started what I think will be the last big block on my log cabin 9-patch lap quilt and then I’ll decide the next size blocks I’ll make. Wahoo!
  • I am finishing Fever … later than I planned but I expect to do so before Feb 25.

Time for me to hit publish and go fix dinner…Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.


15 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 2.19.20 …

  1. What a lovely quilt block and so good of you to contribute to that project. It sounds as if you’ve accomplished quite a lot in the past few days. Whoo – hoo for a new microwave. I bet you are so happy to have it.


  2. It’s been a very productive week! (and as we’ve discussed, a little blogging break can be a real creativity boost, too!)


  3. Oh My gosh Honore. That tree quilting is fabulous. Fabulous . Fabulous. There are so many things I want to see in DC. How is it in April there ? Weather wise……
    just considering a trip.


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