unraveled wednesday | 10.21.20 …

…yesterday’s plans and promise were shot to the wind…c’est la vie. Today is a restart, a refresh, another opportunity and for that, we are grateful.

@2014 graduation from UMD/University College

Today is also Cissy’s (my niece/namesake’s) birthday! That is hard to believe that this once little girl, her bother’s little sister – hence Cissy – the mother of three grown daughters and “Mimi” to two grandsons is also now 52! We shall mark the occasion with a Zoom party this evening…

I am in between books and stitching projects:

  • toying with the idea of starting a brand new knitting project;
  • trying to decide what to read next? And still
  • needing to bring outer order to my sewing room so I can move on to planning “sewing school.”

Ah! So many projects, so little time – Hah! Probably that’s the problem – too much time on my hands…

Joining and Kat and friends.


12 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 10.21.20 …

  1. Happy Birthday to Cissy! I’m sure those little boys are looking forward to a party with their Mimi! and curious minds are … curious about what new knitting project you might be pondering. (does this mean you’re abandoning plans for sock #2?)


  2. Zoom parties really are fun. At least my 60th with just 4 guests on Zoom (family ,2 friendsI ) was. Cissy looks shy and reserved. You are a great Auntie. It is a very important role in children’s lives. It takes a village for sure. New cast on? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….


  3. Hoping you all have a splendid time at the party and that Cissie really enjoys her birthday! A brand new knitting project? That sounds interesting … Have you finished all the not-quite-done ones now? (That’s not meant to sound like a reproof, by the way!). Hoping you find time to get the order you need; I often find it a chore to start with but really liberating once I’m done. Hoping that Norman is well too. Stop/start is hard on creativity,


  4. I hope your celebration was a wonderful one! Happy birthday, Cissy! 🙂
    (I’m always grateful for a “reset” or “restart” every morning. And especially when the day before went off the rails. . . )


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