day is done …

…seems I was up before sunrise – now, the sun’s set, the moon glows and I’m wondering : “where has the day gone ? what have I done or not?”

In the done column:

  • shopped for groceries – 2nd day in a row …
  • walked to/through the park – my first time all week …
  • cleared off the tops of the bookcases on the second floor landing …
  • played with scraps of card stock during the Daily Pages session today …
  • and it is time now to make my 23rd LOAD layout – it is destined for my 2020 December Daily album

I went downstairs to take chicken out of the oven and stopped to look out – the moon was gorgeous, begging to be captured :

~ a perfect ending to this October day ~

Have a great weekend!


PS: Next Tues, October 27, is the one little word roundup.

9 thoughts on “day is done …

  1. Such a stunning photo, Honoré! You seem to have spent the day fruitfully occupied … I was wondering about your LOs You explained it was your 23rd and destined for your December Daily this year – are these pages that you prepare in advance and then add a photo and/or some journalling? Always satisfying when we’ve cleared some stuff. The tops of my cupboards would mean a close encounter with a lot of dust, I fear.


  2. That moon is indeed lovely! Thank you for sharing the photo and calling to mind that gentle Girl Scout round we used to sing. “All is well, safely rest, friend, goodnight.”


  3. Oh that moon, soo beautiful and moody,(in a good way). This month has flown by and I often think, “what have I accomplished”? Well I haven’t gotten sick, so that everything!


  4. Every day is still too busy for my liking Even though CAMP is over, and the paddle boards are put away……Fireman finds hikes for us to go on and he finds trees for us to take down. At least the good Lord has taken over the watering and I’ve put most of the garden to bed .


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