one little word/oct 2020…

Two months left in this year for time with my word: habit. This is my second go-round with the word and even tho’ 2020 is soon to end, I’m sure my relationship with habit will live on…how could it not? One thing I’ve learned – or at least had underscored this time: habits are made without one’s really realizing that’s happening. Some are good; others, not so. Some are easy to establish; many – and perhaps these habits are the most important to cement – are difficult if not just plain elusive.

Thirty days ago, I announced a plan to create an art activity following the 12 noon Daily Pages session, thinking to so do would make a natural progression. In theory, yes. In actuality, no. It didn’t happen. Something or someone (as in moi ) generally upended my momentum. This time around, I think I’ll try before rather than after.

My agenda for these next 65-66 days of 2020 is full – in addition to just the stuff of life. Plans and ideas conceived in 2019 abruptly cancelled by Covid-19. Some may still come to fruition. Others abandoned. New ones imagined. Usually, this time of year, my word for the new year has arrived; this year, not yet.

In the meantime, I shall continue with finding the sweet time for creating art.

How has your word shown up in your life this month ? Please share via the link up and if for any reason you have a problem, do include a link to your post in the comments. Thank you for joining in and sharing your one little word experience.


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10 thoughts on “one little word/oct 2020…

  1. Good luck carving out the time for art this month. And you’re so right – we are making habits all of the time! And sometimes it’s really hard to adjust our sails. Here’s to a wonderful November! Thank you for the link up 🙂


  2. If only the good habits formed as quickly and easily as the not-so-good!! 🙂 I’ll be curious to learn what you find about Time….what time is best to make your art activity happen. (That can sure make things or break things for me.) Gosh, 65’ish days to go!?


  3. It’s interesting to me how much we value habits even though they’re so hard to form — even when we want to! I know that even if you aren’t doing your daily art activity, you are busy doing plenty of other interesting things.


  4. I find it so interesting how you are visiting habit each month. Sadly, sometimes things entirely out of our control set our pace. You have found an uplifting and cheerful way of working around those out of control times and I so appreciate that! I wish you luck in these last two months (what?? really??) and that you find the perfect rhythm to your day to include art time!


  5. I find that I can’t push creative endeavors into the “habit” category, so I applaud your efforts at trying. 🙂

    Habits, for me, are the things I do without thinking. And creativity . . . well, that takes inspiration and time and space and some sort of spark — much more thinking than a habit requires! I’ve had much better luck building the habit of asking myself HOW-do-I-want-to-express-my-creativity-today every day. (And sometimes . . . the answer I give myself is “I don’t.” And that’s okay, too.)

    I think “habit” is a tricky word, Honoré! I think you’ve done a beautiful job exploring it this year.


  6. Such a good observation – habits form without us realizing it. I have heard that it takes about a month for habits to form. Knowing that, I have tried to form some good habits by repeating behaviors for a month. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


  7. I’ve enjoyed reading your ongoing journey with ‘habit’ and you are so right that we form habits unconsciously – they’re the hardest to shift because we don’t know we have them! I am hoping that the space for art-making will settle into your days and that it will feel enlivening and enriching and therefore easier to find time for.


  8. You’ve done a lovely job of keeping track of your OLW. I’ve been less diligent the last two months, but am getting in the habit (once again) of being more mindful about it. I haven’t given any thought to a word for 2021. Good to be reminded.


  9. Thank you for hosting us, Honoré – this monthly check-in is a much-needed habit in my OLW journey! Interesting thoughts in the comments, especially from Kym. I realized I have NO habits around anything creative except that I always have a knitting (or crochet) project to pick up in the evenings to watch TV with Marc. I also have Zoom/FaceTime calls spread thoughout the week (like our one on Sunday) where I knit. The meetup is the habit. The knitting is the thing that goes along with it. Maybe you need to find someone to FaceTime for that “extra” time? or a podcast? could the creative thing go along with that other thing?


  10. Honore my word has finally come to me ! But I can’t link correctly. The word is : action
    I have worked with my local party during this election. I have never done a phone bank or a postcard mission before. I like the postcard part, a lot. I will drive the truck around town in a bit, so People see my sign in it.
    I have vowed to do this every day until the election.
    I wanted to volunteer a new, since I cannot help at the barn.


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