unraveled wednesday |6.12.19…

Chris has a busy week:

  • Monday: celebrating his 5th birthday. One only turns five once! I think 5 year-olds are pretty neat people: they know just enough to be independent and still adorable little people.
  • Tuesday: PreK graduation.  My sister – his great grandmother – bought him the cap + gown (worn after the ceremony) and the label on top of his mortar board! The ceremony was at 8:30 am! ~ which meant I had to get up and arrive at his home by 7:45 am! After all the excitement, we went to iHop for brunch. When I arrived home, I took a nap!
  • Saturday : Birthday celebration at a Lego Playland.


I have finished the 3rd color of the log cabin squares and planning pink for the next.  The books are three new-to-me this week; the Stacey Abrams title – from my friend Margaret, taking a detour with me – is on its way to Kayla.  Both the Debbie Macomber Be A Blessing and the 100-Day Goal are journals.  Debbie – a prolific author and knitter – is also a journaler and this book is bright, colorful, cheerful, inviting. I may pass it on to Kayla, too. The bella Grace magazine features an article: Cultivating Quiet by Michelle GD; she is featuring a companion free course this summer on her blog .

We’re having another rare day in June; I think I’ll take a walk to the neighborhood coffee shop – then return for a bit of stitching. Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday.





unraveled wednesday | 6.5.19 …


I can’t believe we’re into the 5th day of June…only 25 more days to go til July…and  then this date, the 5th, will be after July 4! Kat mentioned that she was still a bit unraveled after her trip to Michigan…I too have been unraveled for the past month…and I didn’t take a trip to Michigan. Since Kayla’s graduation last Wednesday, I bought a new car! Thursday afternoon, we went to Look/See and about 5 hours or so later, I was driving the new car home! It is a Honda CRV- with a sunroof , keyless entry,  and a computerized dashboard, etc. I expect that in due time, I’ll figure it out. The above picture is a layout I made for the annual May 31 days LOAD  – layout a day – Challenge! As for that, I met the challenge and I’m glad that LOAD is over for a while…I think we have a 7 day mini -LOAD in August. By then, I expect I’ll have totally recovered.


Apple opened a new “store” in a former Carnegie Library in downtown DC. This past Sunday, Kayla and I went for a photo-walk session…and Kayla took the above photo. The background is one of four panels painted on a building…each panel is one of the letters in LOVE.  I’m standing in front of  which letter? Your Guess?*


After the walk, we stopped for dinner at ZAYTINYA. The middle Eastern style cuisine was good and for dessert, we had a tremendous rain storm, complete with hail stones! The above is a before photo. Don’t your just love Kayla’s h-u-g-e earrings and fancy nails?

Needless to say, I haven’t done much in the way of anything else over the past week…savoring the slow resumption of normal routines and rare June summer days…

Joining Kat and friends here.


*Yep! V it is!


the week in review: 20 -24 may 2019 …

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sometimes mondays … are spent attending a quilt exhibition of Mimi Dietrich’s Baltimore Album Quilts, on display at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore. The Baltimore Album Quilt -aka as BAQ – is a Maryland grown quilt, created primarily by women’s church groups in the 1840s & 50s in Baltimore City; and so called an album because each (of the 6, 9, or 12 and sometimes 15) block is called an album. Traditionally, the quilt block’s main colors are red and green. Mimi, widely acclaimed for her BAQs, is a hometown – as in Baltimore –  girl and teaches a year’s long class that ends if one stays on task with a BAQ! Monday afternoon, about 25 of us from my quilting association carpooled to Baltimore for a tour of the exhibit, led by Mimi – whom we all know and love! Besides being an accomplished quilter, excellent teacher, she’s tremendously funny and inspiring!  The exhibit was just delightful and so much fun to see so many of Mimi’s quilts on display in one spot. I do not exaggerate: we were all inspired and my enthusiasm for making a BAQ rekindled. Prior to going to the exhibit, I’d decided to push the restart button – to begin again for the first time – later this year

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unraveled wednesdays … I’m not sure what happened with the day ~ it just went! The day was comprised of

  • counting the many joys of my life, shared in the photo above, the first side of a two-sided scrapbook layout for LOAD;
  • making a quilt block ;
  • reading: I started Stephen King’s memoir:  On Writing and am finding it deliciously fun and quick, as in flow, and
  • knitting a few more  rows on my forever lap blanket. Simple garter  stitch and excellent practice…

Chris and Kayla Prom smile

(this photo was taken in Oct 2009 for Chris’ Homecoming dance; Kayla was 9)

today! thank goodness it is Friday … and the day of Kayla’s senior prom! She has been waiting for this day, since she was 10, 8 years ago.  Then Chris, her older sister, was prom bound. Kayla thought seeing all the girls in their dresses and guys in tuxedos and couples driven in stretch limousines was just magic. We gather this evening about 6:45 pm at the prom site. The day is lovely and I imagine/trust the evening will be also…

and that’s a wrap for this week. Enjoy your weekend!



unraveled wednesday|someday maybe…



I love gardens. Especially the English garden kind. I am not a gardener… at least not yet. I am at best, a wanna-be gardener…and every year, I think, perhaps this year? Spring has been especially lush this year. The gardens – both kept and unkept- spectacular. I suppose in many ways, quilting might be considered a form of gardening…and that’s probably a big stretch…

Right before the quilt show, the above book arrived on my doorstep: I’d ordered it; I don’t recall how it came to my attention. Perhaps a siren call. I’m not even sure I’d ever heard of the author. She is one of  America’s best known garden writers, has a blog/garden weekly podcast, away to garden.com

I am delighted  the book is in my possession: I’m not only learning but also enjoying reading about gardening year round…and the photos are superb. I’ve toyed with the idea of garden as my word for the year. Perhaps 2020.  In the meantime, I will continue to savor the book , listen to the podcast and contemplate future options.


Knitting, stitching needles and sewing machine have all been quite idle ~ I’m still recuperating  (from the quilt show).  I am also gathering new creative toys and ideas. One new toy: a circular weaving loom. I now have three types of weaving looms to play with over the summer.

Actually, as I think about it, my creative garden list is growing by leaps and bounds…but as with a garden, one has to be vigilant and ever tending or else wind up with weeds. Guess I’d better get busy…

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday!



unraveled wednesday | 4.24.19…

I awoke this morning to the sight of a magnificent sunrise, a gentle pink glow in the sky, on rooftops…and quickly gathered my iPhone and donned my robe so that I could step out on the deck and snap a photo or two, bask in the gentle glow. Mornings, mine, are always off to a slow, gentle start, regardless of “when “ I must leave the house …I sip my tea, read, write, sometimes draw/sketch, remember, plan, contemplate, let the morning/day unfold gently…

On this day, next week, we will be in the throes of setting up the quilt show – the doors will open at 10 am, promptly on Thursday…to a crowd of quilters rushing into buy our castoffs: tools; fabrics; patterns; novelty items; etc...”one quilter’s trash another quilter’s treasure…” Three of my four quilts are ready; I finish stitching the binding on the fourth, today!

I have any number of books – new/old; audio/print – in various stages; I’m rather drifting in/out of them. In my ongoing dostadning efforts, I ran across these three titles and decided I might revisit them over the next few days.

The weather forecast for today: sunshine and lovely temps. I plan/hope to take a walk to the Franciscan Monastery early afternoon to view the grounds. I’ve not been at all this season. Who cares about spring allergies?

Joining Kat and others for Unraveled Wednesday here!

unraveled wednesday | 4.17.19…


Still recovering from Sunday’s 12K walkathon…adding yesterday, another 8K+. I normally average circa 5K on a daily basis, weather and other factors permitting. Today’s incentive: spend several [more] hours in my craft room, purging and reorganizing – bringing outer order and inner calm to my creative memory keeping environment as well as my mind.

Calmed and ready for a break – a treat – I journeyed to my favorite (and only) local coffee shop within walking distance. On the way there and back, I listened to the latest edition of What Should I Read Next ? ~ Modern Mrs Darcy podcast, episode 180. This week’s featured guest, Liberty Hardy, host of BookRiot’s All the Books podcast, read 600 books last year! Reading is her full time j-o-b! And then some! Can you imagine? I encourage you to listen to the podcast -even if you’re not a podcast listener. It was fun …and I’ve added Liberty’s fave author: Elizabeth McCracken’s Giant House: A Romance to my TBR list – I don’t usually read fiction in this genre but this one sounds like fun so I thought I might give it a try…any one read it already?

The Quilt Show is two weeks away, May 2-4, and I’ve just a few loose ends to tie up…but for all intent and purpose, I. am.ready.

Joining Kat and friends for another UW. What’s unraveling – or not – in your life these days?


unraveled wednesday | 4.10.19 …

1:20 pm EDST

@ IKEA. Just finished lunch: salmon. salad with blackberries,walnuts, blue cheese and ranch dressing . yummy. best coffee, ever. appt this morning: new doctor, about a year ago. he’s funny and so easy to talk to…relaxed, attentive, relatable… all’s good…encouraging, always …spring is really here…today: blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds, lots of sunshine. 67 degrees…near day’s high…happy flowers…happy birds…happy people…finishing Austin Kleon’s first book: steal like an artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative… format & style just like newest … both are quick reads, filled with lots of pithy advice and ideas…especially good tips for forming/strengthening habits….power hour yesterday … roared through household chores…felt good to have them off the menu…Outer Order indeed Inspires Inner Calm.

1:28 pm

time to go… wander through the store … treat myself to a soft cone on the way out…head for home.

5:29 pm.

@home, just awakened from a short nap…spring indeed has arrived…sleepy…tree pollens… or something in the air… Dolly sent text: she wants to learn how to sew, make clothes…funny, I was looking through my ginormous photo library – oh how it needs to be weeded – ran across several pics of Dolly, easily 5-6 years ago, trying out my sewing machine; she took to it quite readily, I seem to recall …what goes around comes around.

joining Kat and friends for another round of unraveled wednseday.

unraveled wednesday | 4.3.19 …

As one can see, my main task today is TAXES! Fun – not… but I do have two new additions to MSQT: Austin Kleon’s Keep Going, released just yesterday and a new iPad mini, added to my collection of iToys, er iTools!

“Why the new mini?” inquiring minds want to know…several reasons:

  1. I had a previous mini, 3rd generation, I think; I gave it up for the iPadPro two years ago, primarily for the Apple Pencil feature: I can actually write using my own handwriting, always a plus in my column…
  2. I like the Pro (larger screen) well enough and also have a keyboard cover…problem is, it’s too big and doesn’t “port” easily enough…
  3. I read a review about a 10 days ago that gave the new mini not only highest remarks but also casually mentioned the Apple Pencil worked with it! SOLD! And so last Friday, when I went to pick up the new microwave oven I also got the new iPad mini, 5th generation!

I started Austin Kleon’s new book this morning; the subtitle is “10 ways to stay creative in good times and bad,” essentially establishing different habits! Austin, a writer, also draws and creates redacted poetry from newspaper articles.

Stitching continues on the quilts for the Quilt Show, just a month away. I’m stitching – by hand – the binding on the big quilt. That will pretty much wrap everything all up and I can focus more attention on making a few novelty items to sell – we have over a 1,000 ! – plus the quilting supplies, books, etc that no longer spark joy! At least, not for me!

The forecast today offers sunshine! Hope it’s yours too! Joining Kat and friends .


unraveled wednesday | 3.27.19…


11 am

waiting for my friend Kathy who is driving in from Delaware…

listening to a variety of conversations in the background, accompanied by the PA system…

staring back at me: rows and rows of book stacks, filled with every subject imaginable…

remembering the many, many times, over years, that Kathy and I met here:

  • planning training that we provided new library staff workers in both DE and MD public libraries…
  • catching up and sharing stories of our own lives, our families, doings, comings, goings…

debating if I want a cuppa coffee, especially since I didn’t bring any tea bags…

pausing, thinking, about what I want to do next as I wait….

deciding coffee it is while I wait…

looking up and seeing her! She’s here!


6 pm

I’m home. We had a wonderful time and sadly, as with all good things, the time came for us to bid adieu. We’ll meet again in the next six months. Can’t be too soon. And of course, before I left, I had to browse a bit and buy a few books…or so.

Joining Kat and others for another Unraveled Wednesday, here.