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In early April, I started a noon time practice : Daily Pages, led by rukristin of the Awesome Ladies Project. We meet via Zoom and have a virtual creative party for about 20-45 minutes… each of us makes some type of art page in a journal of our choice on a technique/topic of our choosing. We can choose to share or not! No pressure. Just a lovely way to spend time during Covid-19, +++

Over the past two months, I’ve shared about 6 of my pages on this blog. The photo above shows the pages I made yesterday and today; the top half also features the little art zine booklet by Malaka Gharib that appeared in npr’s Jan 7 Life Kit (and also shared by Bonny on her blog, Highly Reasonable). I find that I really enjoy this noontime break and have at least 3-5 pages in various stages of make… No pressure. No illusions. Just fun!

Today, I went to the dentist and my hygienist inquired about my quilting. I admitted I’ve not really done any quilting. I’m not sure why – other than I’ve just not been so inclined or inspired or both.  In fact, I’ve barely stitched anything – other than mask making – since I finished Kayla’s quilt (pictured above in the lower photo) when she graduated high school June 2019!  Funny that she asked that question for just earlier this morning, before my appointment, I began again – for the first time-  a book from my personal library: Why We Quilt: Contemporary Makers Speak Out about the Power of Art, Activism, Community and Creativity by Thomas Knauer,  Storey Publishing, ©2019. Perhaps I was feeling the desire to resume quilting. I suppose time will tell.

I find it interesting that on the one hand I’m buoyed by a new creative practice and on the other, rather out of sorts with an older one … for both have in common creating something new and whole out of pieces.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |7.8.20…

  1. how cool to be doing something like that EVERY day! I’m thinking it’s been enough days to be a habit now? wow! just think of all those stories you’ve told … do you find yourself thinking ahead of time about what to do, or do you approach it with a clean sheet of paper each day? #curiousminds 😉


  2. What a wonderful noon-time practice you’ve established – very creative! “Why We Quilt” sounds like an interesting book (and I kind of hope you think seriously about resuming quilting).


  3. I think a lot of times we flow in and out of projects as our spirit guides us. You may find someday that you are ready to quilt something again.


  4. I love how you reserve certain hours for certain activities. I’ve learned that at 4pm, you will usually be knitting! What a great way to ensure that so many of your interests get a little attention every day.

    I quilted intensely for several years and often yearn to return to it. But I know I can’t keep spreading myself so thinly or I’ll go wacky and never complete anything – and those finished projects are my salvation! But maybe one day I’ll be able to sit at my sewing machine for long periods of time again!


  5. I love seeing these peeks into your art practice. It must be a lot of fun to start these exercises with no constraints and no plan, just letting the creativity flow.


  6. I’ve been taking an art and salad break at luncch and creating my Yearbook page for the day before; and it really revives me!
    THIS totally resonates: creating something new and whole out of pieces.
    Vugs 😉


  7. I always enjoy seeing what you’re up to—it’s always interesting, and often inspiring! You’ll be happy to know that the quilt hanging we discussed when we had dinner in D.C. a year ago April has been finished. Sarah gave it to me during our visit. I’m just love it—the colors work well with our rug from Morocco (the reason I wanted a new quilt hanging), and Sarah did a wonderful job. If you remember it was all triangles, and she said she hoped never to tackle another one of those again. She did all the piecing by hand, but used the machine for the overall stitching. We have our summer mantle and wreath up now, but when the mantle gets decorated for fall, I’ll be sure to send you a photo.


  8. The noon break is a great way to keep a creative practice fresh and interesting. I too think sometimes one craft or medium appeals to us more than another. I think you are wise to enjoy these art pages. I let “making” whatever calls to me lead the way. We spend plenty of time in our lives following the “shoulds” and “musts.”


  9. I love the concept of a noontime “habit!” I always think of my “daily habit” activities as things that happen in the morning. I think you’ve just opened up a part of my brain, Honoré. A noontime activity sounds perfect! As for your “quilt break”? I find that my interest in various hobbies/activities waxes and wanes with my mood and other distractions around me. I imagine you’ll be inspired to quilt again — when the time is right for YOU. XO


  10. i am thankful that I have many creative pursuits I flit to whenever I am inspired. Somedays I don’t do anything and some days I am bursting with motivation. The key is going with the flow at least for me. Love the peek you gave us!


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