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Today, 2:15 pm: Just about an hour ago, Norman and I were tested for Covid-19. Walgreen’s Drug Store is opening 700 sites across the country … and we’re lucky enough to have one as a next-door neighbor – in fact, I understand, the only site in Washington DC, so far. It is a drive-through only site.

The test itself was easy enough to conduct: we each received a packet with 4 Q- tips, were given verbal instructions on what to do: use the same Q-tip to swab inside both nostrils and deposit [it] in a small fluid-filled vial. Contact with the testers was minimal:

  • everyone had on masks and conversation/directions conducted with windows closed, i.e, rolled up; 
  • ID: insurance cards/driver’s license were held up to the windows – the worker entered the information on the forms;
  • we were asked if we’d had any flu-like symptoms in the past 7-10 days;
  • we each swabbed our own nostrils and deposited the cotton swab in a small vial – filled with a liquid – maybe water ???-  that we put into a plastic bag and dropped into a receptacle;
  • and then we drove off.

Results from this totally painless test are expected in about 5 days …

A quiet  – though still very hot – weekend on tap… I’m looking forward to reading, finishing my #100dayproject, staying cool —temps forecast low 90s for the next 9 days. It’s July. Why should I expect anything different?

Whatever’s on your agenda, do have a safe and good weekend.



11 thoughts on “testing …

  1. Hope the storms weren’t too bad down your way. We got a LOT of rain today, but thankfully, the high winds never materialized.

    Sending good vibes for negative COVID-19 test results.


  2. Our testing centers are so busy here. You can’t make an appointment for drive thru testing at CVS for weeks. The bigger testing sites have a 6-8 hour wait in line. I did get an antibody test a week ago because I had been ill. It was negative and frankly I wish it hadn’t been so at least I could have been sick and recovering for a good reason not a summer cold. Stay safe.


  3. ditto the comments about the negative test results. ugh. there are lots of testing sites around here, too – all drive up (I think). hoping we won’t actually have to experience one. I, too, am looking forward to the end of the 100 day project … and more to the end of afghan #2!


  4. I hope all is well with you and Norman. It also sounds like your testing site was well organized. I’ll be holding both of you in my thoughts.


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