unraveled wednesday |5.27.20 …



~the three balls of yarn are colors for the last blocks~

weeks come; weeks go ever so slowly. I note the subtle shifts and changes in my daily routine: I always start each day with a lot of enthusiasm but near 4 PM, I feel my energy begin to drain. Today, my favorite podcast : Happier with Gretchen Rubin will accompany me on my walk, which I’ll take around 5 pm… the opening music always adds a little spring to my step.

I am about to start the last (next?) three blocks of my Log Cabin 9Patch lap robe and restart Commonwealth; I enjoyed Anne Patchett’s Dutch House so much and thought I had a copy of Commonwealth – I  do, found the other day by accident in the book cabinet. I have so much stuff I need to donate and/or discard; the problem: when? where? who will take? because of Covid-19?

Time to hit publish, put on my shoes, ear plugs and head out for #walk20in2020 with Gretchen and Liz. Joining Kat for another unraveled wednesday.


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |5.27.20 …

  1. I had planned a trip to Goodwill to donate many, many bags of culled stuff, but didn’t get there before they closed. I have been taking them 3-4 bags at a time to a little freestanding donation place (like a shed) that Kiwanis has in a parking lot near me. Maybe you have something similar?


  2. I have a couple of bags and a box of things for Goodwill myself that are now occupying space in the basement. But I like Bonny’s suggestion!

    Those blocks look like comfort knitting to me! Perfect for these uncomfortable days.


  3. We just cleaned out kiddo’s drawers a bit as we switched over from winter clothes to summer clothes and I had the same thought about donations. I’m sure lots of people are having the same conundrum as they do their spring cleaning. I’m glad we have space in our basement to hold it for the time being! I agree that Bonny might be on to something — a church near us has a bin in their parking lot for donations.


  4. Our thrift-shops are accepting donations, yay! The Sheriff’s Ranch are coming next week to pick up a couch and love seat. And we already took a carload to Habitat. Our library is not yet open for donations and I have three bags of books which was SO hard to do! I still have ALL your lovely writing books and I need to pass on some of these that I’ve read but just can’t DO it, lol. State of Wonder was a joy… but others have been a miss for me, I’ll check out Dutch House. What are you reading for your book club? And I’ll check out Gretchen’s podcast and audio books. You are a lovely font of resources ❤ Vugs!


  5. I hope you enjoyed your walk. I too have one bag of books for the library and another for the Goodwill. For now I stuck them out in the garage. The library is open for curbside pick up so maybe they would take a donation? It is a dilemma. I love your blanket squares. The colors are so pretty.


  6. Really enjoyed The Dutch House. Commonwealth is on my list, and I must check out that podcast. Cheers.💕


  7. Hoping you enjoyed your walk in the company of Gretchen, and thank-you as ever for the book recommendations. Yes, working out where to take things is tricky, isn’t it? Our local centre has re-opened but what with social distancing (even for cars!), the website said today the queuing time would be an hour and a half. Yikes. Hoping you can store things somewhere in the meantime.


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