on a rare day in June …


I believe this sidewalk art was made by a young girl, approximately 9 years old. I have seen her in her yard on my walks.

Against the backdrop of the first of June’s rare days, we ~ here in the Nation’s capital ~ are under a 7 PM – 6AM curfew. On Friday last, the Covid-19 “stay at home” order was lifted … and here, as with many major cities across the Nation, protests have been ongoing and devastating.


8 thoughts on “on a rare day in June …

  1. I am so sorry that all of this is going on. That young artist is making a difference to every single person who walks by her chalk work. it must be infinitely more difficult to see/feel and live all of this again and again and again as a person of color.


  2. That’s a beautiful thing to stumble upon. What a lovely little girl!
    It’s hard to know what else to stay. I think your wish of peace is perfect. Thank you.


  3. I wrote in my journal last night about how surreal things have gotten. We’ve had protests here as well, with a few instances of people hijacking those peaceful protests to try to incite violence and destruction. Last night there was significant police activity (SWAT team, mounted police, teargas, etc.) about a mile from our house. It breaks my heart that at a time when so many people in our country have already been affected by the virus, people of color are still having to fight for the very right to exist. Our society is so broken right now. I hope you are staying safe.


  4. Peace arrives when justice and equality for all reign – wishing for them soon for us all, and for the energy and conmmitment to make it happen. Hats off to your young neighbour …


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