unraveled wednesday|6.3.20 …


On this, the 3rd day of June, the thermometer, at 2:30 pm, already registers 90° F! Eeek, it’s h-o-t!  Frankly, I am not ready for Washington’s summer heat; summer is still 19 days away!  The heat makes it really hard to continue knitting on my log cabin/9 patch blanket but I shall.  I am at the point now where I begin joining the pieces …  If I remain focused, I might even finish this project by the #100daysproject2020  end: 15 July. Time will tell.

Over the past week, reading has been usurped by TV –  watching the continuous reporting of the protests across the country.  The TBR list grows and now that I have ink for my printer, at last, I can even print out my stay-at-home summer 2020 bingo card… I think it’s time to reconnoiter, refresh and renew my plans …

Laundry’s done; chicken baked. Time to hit publish and pick up those knitting needles as I watch TV. Joining Kat and friends.




9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|6.3.20 …

  1. I’m starting to wonder at the timing of crocheting afghans in the summer. and yikes! it was only 85 here today (so grateful for the ceiling fans!)


  2. I’ve also been watching a lot of news this week. It’s hard to watch at times, but I’m also encouraged by the number and volume of protests — not just here but around the world. I am hopeful that things can finally start to change for the better.

    Love how your blanket is coming together!


  3. I love the nine patch look of this blanket. The news is hard to watch but I feel like I need to bear witness to the bravery of the protesters. We are in the midst of a 90 plus degree week. Summer came all too quickly for me too.


  4. I love all things hot and summery…(especially the nights) God bless you my friend. Just when we think it cannot get worse with COvid, we see Americans at their ugliest . An illness is mean, but discrimination and killing a man who is begging to breathe is beyond mean. I don’t have any words.


  5. Love how that soft aubergine colour repeats and holds the rest together … Though wool and 90F sounds a hot combination! (We’re back to 52F here; I have unearthed my thermal vest.)


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