unraveled wednesday | 7.1.20 …


~1 july 2020 Daily Page~

Starting my third month of  creating Daily Pages in 3.25 x 5.5 pocket-sized FieldBooks. I find that I am very much enjoying this mid -day break (held via Zoom, 5 days a week)… a chance to stretch, express my creativity, play around with paper, glue, paints, color, design, stickers, etc with no required outcome beyond F-U-N!  Plus, the added bonus of using a BIG LOT of my scrappy supplies. When I started this activity, I had no idea I’d take to it so wholeheartedly or that it would be such a welcome diversion to Covid-19 times. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

Knitting on the log cabin-9patch continues, tho’ with some difficulty. As I join rows, I’m stressing my hand so I’m taking 1-2 days off in between the row joins. I may just stitch, rather than knit, the one last row of join. I’ve been knitting during the 4  – 5 pm hour most days. My next project: a second sock to knit, including the toe of the first sock. I thought I’d knit the 2nd and then do the toes on both at the same time…

Walking and Reading the past few days accompanied by the audio version of Louise Penny’s Bury Your Dead; I’m about 1/3rd through. It’s been too hot to go out every day…and that has slowed my audio reading to a crawl. I’ve four books – print- in the queue that I am starting this week…keeping track in a new planner…more to come, later.

Looks like it’s time to publish this and go downstairs for the 4 pm knitting hour.  Joining Kat and Friends for another Unraveled Wednesday

Have a great week.



12 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 7.1.20 …

  1. I LOVE the peeks into your journal – thank you! (and I know you’re almost done with the 3-needle bind off, but I wonder if there is something – something! – that could’ve made it easier for your hands …)


  2. Love this peek into your art journal — those popsicles are such fun! We’ve started a bit of a heat wave here and it’s getting harder to be outside (particularly running), but I’m still trying to get out there. I’ve been doing my audiobook listening while puttering around the house to get some extra time in. Listening to a good book does make cleaning the bathroom less of a chore!


  3. What bright and cheering pages! I love it! 🙂 And you’re so right about too-hot-to-walk, unfortunately. I’ve adjusted my morning schedule so I can get out there and walk before it gets too hot — but that’s PRETTY EARLY in the morning these days! I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend, Honoré.


  4. Such lovely pages – the colours of that hydrangea (?) flower are to swoon for … Sorry your kntting is a bit of a trial :(. Hoping you find activities that ease the strain. And some perfect weather!


  5. I continue to enjoy your bright journal pages. Isn’t it nice to use up a few of the supplies in the stash? Heat and humidity have arrived here too. I try to walk around 8:00 a.m. but if I find it too humid, I cut the walk short. I think taking breaks to rest your hands is the best plan, said one who doesn’t always do that.


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