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Birdsong @ Sunrise – 5:51am /6.30.20

Last month I wrote about my desire and intention to resume some form of daily art journaling, a practice I abandoned, perhaps 5-6 years ago. Why ? I know not. This time around, I think I want to be messy – but, that’s not really me, my style, despite the fact that I someitmes leave my computer desk in a state of messy. If I’ve been there too long and tired overwhelms, I put the computer to sleep and walk away until the next day. I don’t do this often but it is a habit . And I must admit, since we’re on the subject, that is exactly what I did last night.

Over the past two months, I hae been creating some form of art – though I wouldn’t call it messy, on an almost daily basis. My canvasses are small, ranging in size from 3.5 x 5.5 inches to 5.25 x 8.5 inches. I  find that doing this daily is causing the juices to flow a bit.  I look forward to the daily break and miss it when I don’t make.  I’d have to say that this definitley is  a habit in the making … including my quest to try my hand at messy art journaling. 

I wonder how July will fare?

In this month of June, how has your word shown up in your life? Please share your link below and if there are problems, add the link to your post in this blog’s comments. The linkup expires July 7, 2020.

I look forward to reading  about your June 2020 One Little Word experience. Thanks for sharing and have a safe July 4 holiday.

Cheers ~

PS. Ever wonder why birds sing at sunrise? Read on.

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12 thoughts on “one little word |6.30.20 …

  1. I’ve loved seeing the art journaling you’ve shared over the last month. What a great habit to cultivate!

    Thank you so much for the linkup!


  2. Isn’t it kind of funny how hard it can be to let yourself be messy–if that’s not you MO? I participated in a few distanced artsy workshops (including some of the Playful Pauses hosted by the Makerie that Kym alerted us to)–and in all cases I found it took me about half of the workshop time to let go enough to let the messier–or at least looser–part of me show up.


  3. That is a lovely tree/sunrise/birdsong photo! I love that you are creating art every day, and those small canvasses sound particularly inviting.


  4. I just found some watercolor paper and plan to dabble in wet art in July. Also found my art journal. Will try to share pictures soon. Thanks for hosting us


  5. I too am happy that you try to create everyday. There is a peacefulness that comes with a practice of creating. Thanks for the opportunity to link up.


  6. I think I really got off course with my word when the lock down began. Tomorrow being half year might be a good time to get back into it again.

    Wishing you a very happy half year day tomorrow.


  7. I recently found an old art journal I started YEARS ago and really liked some of the things I created. It’s not likely I’ll take it up again, but it was interesting to see. I always enjoy seeing your creations. (Love how you captured the birds in your photograph today!) It’s likely I’ll miss the link-up this month as it’s much easier for me to think through my OLW progress as well as the intentions for July when I’m not away from home. Have started the process, though, so maybe I’ll find some quiet time to get a blog post up.


  8. this is so cool … and I realize I mentioned you in my post yesterday, and failed to add a link here (gah. so many things and I just need to let some drop!)


  9. I find when I create daily I am a happier being. I set myself up for success by placing the notebooks right where I can see them to be reminded that I want to do that activity.


  10. Making time for “messy art journaling” sounds so kind and permission-giving … though I sometimes which we could find another word for ‘messy’ which has less of a negative ring (the synonym list is depressing!). Innovative? Spontaneous? I like “free-spirited” myself :).


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