3 for …



1.  and now he is SIX!

Tuesday, June 9, Chris graduated from KDG to First grade – virtually!  Yesterday, 10 June, he turned 6. We celebrated via Zoom and watched with drooling mouths as his cake was cut and eaten. Despite being miles apart, as far away as Ohio where his great grandad lives, we had a raucous good time…Norman and I celebrated with champagne, of course!

2. back to the future is now 

Earlier this month, in this space and on my Instagram, I allowed as how I was learning the 3 Needle Bind Off  technique for joining squares of the LogCabin9Patch lap blanket I’m knitting – or is it that I’m being knitted? Whatever, I’m running into a problem with dropping stitches, losing count. So it’s tink, tink, tink. I am determined to master this and have the 4 PM hour reserved for the endeavor. So far, success remains elusive but I shall push on

3. it ain’t just broke 

 IT is Central Air and has to be replaced! The entire system, mais oui (but of course). Naturally one finds this out when the temperature is in the 90s with the humidity equally high! I guess it’s a good thing I am not going to Oregon this Fall, as I’d tentatively planned before Covid-19 …

Joining Unraveled Wednesday and 3 on Thursday this week.  Do visit Kat and Carole and see what’s going on with others this week.

I think I feel a slight breeze. Wahoo!




12 thoughts on “3 for …

  1. Oh, no air conditioning where you live would be just awful! We lived without it for many, many years but finally invested and have never regretted it—especially on humid days of which I know you have many more than we do! I’m sorry you missed your trip to Oregon. I thought of you often when we were there in September, particularly the day we spend in Sisters.


  2. Oh that AC issue, I feel your pain as the AC at our library didn’t work properly all last summer. Happy Birthday to Chris!


  3. That’s a very sweet photo of Chris – how wonderful to be able to share in his birthday, albeit virtually. And a day with champagne in it is a glorious day :). So sorry to read about the air-conditioning; we never get near your temperatures (it’s 48F here today and we have the multi-fuel stove on this evening), but I know from when my DD lived in DC for a while how much she appreciated having it. Hoping it can be swiftly sorted for you.


  4. Your grandson graduating from kindergarten sounds like a wonderful reason to celebrate with champagne! Our grandson turned 6 on St. Patrick’s Day this year. I get wistful looking at his baby pictures and I am sure you do too! Happy birthday to him!


  5. Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation to Chris! That is sure a sweet photo of him. At least we can all celebrate virtually. Champagne is a nice touch. I hope your A/C gets replaced soon. Why do these things always happen in the worst weather? Wishing you many more cool breezes. Good luck with that blanket. Waiting until daylight always works better for me.


  6. Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation to Chris! Whenever I encounter some new technique that I struggle to learn I tell myself that maybe I’m staving off Alzheimer’s by using my brain so intensely. And I hope your AC gets replaced quickly and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


  7. When we were house shopping, one of my husband’s must-haves was central air — and when it was 90+ this week, I was really glad he insisted on it! Sometimes I don’t know how we survived without it when I was growing up!

    I’m glad you were all able to join in the celebration for Chris’s graduation. Sounds like it was a wonderful gathering — I’m sure he loved seeing everyone!


  8. Happy Birthday to Chris!! Wow! How is that possible! And, that AC… oy. Of course it would break on the hottest day. A couple of years ago our furnace quit in the midst of 20 below zero temps…. yeah, those things never quit at a convenient time! I hope it is replaced soon! (and I hope you are having this brief respite to the heat that we are today!)


  9. Oh, time does fly, doesn’t it? Happy Birthday to sweet Chris! And congratulations all around on the end of kindergarten, too! Stay cool. It’s always 90+ and muggy as all get out when the air conditioning goes out. . . 🙂


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