unraveled wednesday | 7.29.20 …

~ sunset @ 8:41 pm –

I like the reflection of the sunset in the window – occasionally I can get a good enough picture; last evening was one of those times. I see that the wind chime needs to be replaced…the chimes, victim of high winds over the years. Perhaps one of these days, I’ll get to a nursery/garden store, my fave closed last year…

On Sunday, I started the Kitchener stitch on the sock (that has been languishing on needles for, ahem, awhile) and/well, I just need to consult a video and focus…I’ve knit socks before so it’s not a question of can I – rather, I just need to shake up my muscle memory …in the meantime, I shall start the second sock. Today is the day!

I started Song Yet Unsung via audio last Sunday and decided, with encouragement from readers – who’d already read and listened to the book – to read it with my eyes rather than ears. So, I’m waiting for my copy to arrive, TODAY by 9 PM. Time will tell…

In the meantime, I’ve restarted Gift from the Sea and a few other titles in my library on mindfulness – plus my morning reads: Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance and Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic. I am absolutely amazed at how timely this book is, copyright 2016 and based on the wisdom of the ancient Stoics. Blows my mind and makes one wonder: is there any hope for us humans? We ain’t doin’ so well…

Another hot one on the books today/tomorrow – low 90s both days. And then, we get a break, according to the forecast: August arrives with temps only in the mid 80s for the first 7 days. Time will tell… In the meantime, I’ve plenty to keep me occupied and company.

Stay cool as well as you can. Knit and Read on! Have a good week.

Joining Kat and friends; off to see what’s up with them.


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 7.29.20 …

  1. That is a lovely photo and this sounds like a good day with kitchener, the second sock, and Song Yet Sung! I haven’t read Gift From the Sea in several years, but I think it might be high time for a reread. Thanks!


  2. Beautiful photo!! And, if you need kitchner memory jogging, give me a call! 🙂 (I am listening to Song Yet Sung and would have rather read it, but no such luck…)


  3. Excellent shot! Thanks for the book list….I finished with my eyes her Last Flight by Beatrix Williams and loved it. And I’m listening to The Henna Artist which has delightfully captured me. ~Vugs & Cheers


  4. Such a lovely sunset! We had a pink sky this morning, and I really should have gone outside to take a photo, but alas I saw it pre-coffee and could not get motivated. I hope you enjoy Song Yet Sung. I listened to the audio, which was excellent, but I think I might have retained more of it had I read it with my eyes.


  5. I do love the sunset captured in that reflection!!! And your books!!! Gift from the Sea is one of my all time favorites, not only to read, but to gift to friends in need. I usually have at least one copy ready to gift! And Simple Abundance was my ‘bible’ for that time when I was downsizing and minimalizing…long before either was a buzz word.
    Good luck with that kitchener stitch….it truly does become muscle memory after a while!!!


  6. What a gorgeous photo. I have not heard of The Daily Stoic but may investigate. I enjoyed Simple Abundance quite awhile ago. It was helpful when I worked full time. Best of luck with the sock. You’ll find the muscle memory before you know it.


  7. That’s a lovely warm, glowing photo, Honoré … I nearly fell off my chair when I read what you are reading – you very kindly pointed me to Simple Abundance early in the year, but I didn’t know you were reading The Daily Stoic too. My day starts with both of these, every day, on my Kindle, with my first cup of tea. (I came to The Daily Stoic after reading The Obstacle Is the Way – another great read for these times). I have occasionally wondered if you were still reading Simple Abundance; I will now find it additionally comforting to think of you reading the same daily passages, across that great ocean :).


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