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Good morning! I am amazed that the month of July is nearly over…and that, in less than 5 months – December – we’ll be saying in : “In just 4 days, it’ll be 2021!” Certainly, 2020 will go down in the books as the year to remember.

Last month I wrote that my intention was to carry on with messy art journaling – and I have but my art is not nearly as messy as I think I want. Perhaps “messy” is not my style but I think it’s too soon to make that call. The images in the above photo collage represent the activities and colors that garnered a large portion of my creative attention and energy in July: Nature. Reading. Knitting (my 100 day project). Walks. Slowly, these photos and others plus snippets of collage materials from magazines, paints and stamps are making their way onto the pages of various art journals, scrapbook albums and eventually as small art quilts. I am convinced that I would not have made as much progress – if any? – had life not been circumscribed by Covid-19.

A prediction: August will provide more results of  my new habit: messy art journaling. Yes? How? Why? Everyday, I not only schedule time for the activity, I spend the time so engaged and that is how a habit is made.

In this month of July, how has your word shown up in your life? Please share your link below and if there are problems, add the link to your post in this blog’s comments. The linkup expires August 4, 2020.

I look forward to reading  about your July 2020 One Little Word experience. Thanks for sharing.


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14 thoughts on “one little word |july 2020 …

  1. I’m also amazed at how quickly July has flown! And you’re totally right – 2020 is going to be THE year to remember for the rest of our lives. At least, I hope it doesn’t get much more dramatic than this.

    I love hearing about your journaling process and your collage of inspiration is just beautiful. Here’s to finding as much beauty in August!

    And thank you for the linkup 🙂


  2. Some of those photos in your collage are intriguing and I hope we get to see more of them someday. It’s funny to think about what we might all be doing emotionally, creatively, physically without covid-19, but it is our reality for the foreseeable future. I hope August brings you more habit-making!


  3. I love your journal images, Honoré, and I’m always so impressed with your commitment to your journaling craft. XO I think deciding to do “messy” art . . . is really about giving yourself permission to explore and try new things and go with your flow. What’s “messy” to you may not be “messy” to others. It’s so much fun to let yourself just go a little wild with the art supplies . . . Enjoy!


  4. I’ve been keeping a messy journal, too, but that’s just my writing — and it’s not nearly as nice to look at as yours! I think we’ll all look back on 2020 as one heck of a crazy year, but I think you’ve made a very smart decision to go through it by creating art and adding a little more beauty to your life every day. There’s so much doom and gloom around us these days that creating something beautiful and spontaneous surely is improving your life.


  5. I am nodding at Kym’s comment… giving yourself permission to go a little wild with art supplies is the best! July did fly by… I am ready for August. 🙂


  6. I am trying to schedule my journaling and crafting time – inspired by your commitment and habit. I always think I want to do messy art but I think I might need to invest in the right kind of paper because the results are often jusT a bit short.


  7. I ticked up my journaling in July thanks to you and I plan to continue it in August. I think messy art is the best kind of art!


  8. Messy is a hard one…funny enough, I feel like it takes a lot of practice! At least for some of us. One way I need to look at messy is ‘loosening up on the controls’…letting go of perfection. (And it usually takes me a half-hour’s warm-up to get there!) Such a rich month here…


  9. I love your art journals and photos. Your wonderful creative spirit shows in your daily habits. Thanks for the opportunity to link up.


  10. Some intriguing things in your lovely collage – and great to see you in there too. Hoping you keep enjoying your ‘messy’ creative work, as it sounds very fruitful and a lovely habit to develop. Your word seems to have settled well into your life this year.


  11. I am so inspired by the COLORS in your collage – and curious to see what becomes of your Messy Journaling. The only thing messy about mine (and it is completely unintentional is the illegibility of my handwriting 😉 I can only hope the next few months SPEED by. I am looking forward to waking up to a better world on November 4 (which also happens to be Sara’s birthday!)


  12. I love your monthly wrap ups. Those words……if I remember them it is a bit of a miracle! This month I shall strive for routine. Seems summer camp here has few routines and I am a bit lost without some structure. The barn gave us a lot of structure. I did make many evening phone calls for the Democrats here. But, we have been getting up and poof, the plan is made and I am trying to fit my own usuall activities with my blog and all of yours in before bedtime. So routine. I’ll start tomorrow. Hmmmmmm.


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