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Things have been topsy turvey all day, starting at 7:30 am …work on installing the new air conditioner, at ruinous cost, began. Of course, the install requires more work . Why? Because the original space where the unit is installed  – the ceiling of the Great Room (aka as the addition) – needed to be widened. But the installers have made great progress and suggested, as they left for the day, that they’d be done noonish tomorrow. Just in time for we’re scheduled to welcome the season of summer with 90+ degrees heat on Friday.

I have spent the day upstairs in my craft room, creating pages in a 5.5 x 5.5 Field Book; I’ve come to call this little tool  – used to awaken my creative play – my analog version of Instagram. I think I need to come up with a catchy hashtag. Ideas welcomed. This is not quite how I envisioned I’d spend June or May or April or March …but then again, I, we,  the world never envisioned Covid-19,* either.

Last night, I completed joining the rows on one part of my Log Cabin 9 Patch lap robe…I have 5 more sections to join and then, for all intent and purpose, I’ll have completed the project. I suppose, if I pushed it, I could finish the project by the 100 day project end – July 15…but considering we’re about to enter the season of  hot, hot and hotter, there’s no rush…but then again, maybe the new A/C will be so cold I could use a lap robe. Something to ponder…

A painting is never finished -it simply stops in interesting places, a quote by Paul Gardner prefaces  Personality Isn’t Permanent, by Benjamin Hardy, PhD. Today is the release/publication date and my copy arrived bright and early this morning. I’ve been  somewhat in a reading slump lately so perhaps this book will get juices flowing… I hope so for I’ve a bunch of good-sounding titles in my TBR queue – print, ebook and audio.

Joining Kat and frieinds for Unraveled Wednesday!


*In my April 9 post, I shared a fun graphic on coping with Covid-19.  For more information, do visit Brandy’s blog, The Counseling Teacher.com where you’ll also find an editble version of the graphic.

5 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 6.17.20 …

  1. What a fun page and I love the square format. I’m excited that my reading mojo has returned although I have assembled a ridiculous number of Want to Read titles. I am in a blogging slump. Hope your repairs reminded finished tomorrow.


  2. I love your little notebook — and I’m also jealous of your beautiful handwriting! Though I still learned cursive handwriting in school, it was never faster than printing for me, so my writing now is sort of a messy hybrid of the two. It’s functional for me, but not as pretty as your lovely script!


  3. I love your little journal as well! And I am so sad about your AC woes. We had to replace ours a couple of years ago… and wow, talk about sticker shock!


  4. What a cool and creative journaling idea (and probably way more calming and controllable than today’s Instagram feed). I smiled going back to your April 9 post. I know we thought SURELY things would be a little more “under control” by now… and it seems like things are now less. Still, the focus of her message is good one!


  5. I love the little notebook. Your handwriting is pretty, near calligraphy. You seem so patient with the AC repair and installation. I hope it is all running efficiently soon. I know people lived for lots of years without AC but I do not like the heat and humidity.


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