unraveled wednesday | 5.20.20…


My entry for the 20th day of LOAD – Layout A Day – May 2020 Challenge. Last December, I gifted myself some luscious  pearlescent water colours; I finally got around to taking them for a test spin today! In person, they’re more pearlescent and I think using smoother cardstock paper will make a difference.  It’s all fun…and to be continued.


I am still reading Before We Were Yours and started the above – it’s non-fiction – Monday… Miter blocks are movin’ right along – two to go and this block will also be done. If I play my cards right, I may even finish the lap robe by the end of #the100dayproject. Time will tell…

Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 5.20.20…

  1. The way that knitted block comes together is so interesting to me. It looks much like a nine patch quilt block, a classic little pattern I have always loved. I’d like to know what you think of the Wild Words book. I am always on the look out for a new to me book on writing.


  2. You had me at purple and gold…THEN you had me at pearlescent!
    THOSE blooms! Your painting! That page! I enjoy seeing your projects come together.
    I had that book out from the library but I don’t think I even cracked it, I’ll revisit.
    Happy Thursday ;=)


  3. oh, thank you for the smiles! those watercolors are beautiful! I just “found” the set I bought a few years back … need to get some brushes. maybe I can paint with the boys next week.


  4. The watercolor painting is lovely! As is, of course, the blocks of knitting which I enjoy seeing on IG regularly.


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