friday’s thoughts | 5.22.20 …


~18 may 2020 LOAD entry~

the days run together… in these times, only venturing out primarily to a) get some fresh air or b) stretch my legs, I’m in the house … today it rains, il pleut, as I always enter in my journal. the steady patter of rain drops on the skylight is very soothing, almost causing me to doze off -ha!, tho’ I did consider a return to bed with a good book – but who am I kidding? I don’t return to bed for naps unless I am not feeling well and well, that’s not the situation, knock on wood!

Friday afternoons’ Journal Club sessions are on hiatus until the Fall. Hmmm. I normally continue the practice, on my own, during the interim…thus far, since the session’s end, I’ve fallen out of the practice (i.e., Friday afternoon journaling session). Time to resume; I know the rhythm. Yes! I will do that; in fact, I am doing so now, sortof, as I pen this post. Normally, my journaling is handwritten.

The house is quiet; Norman just left to take a walk. The only sounds I hear are the click, click of the keyboard, the tick tick of the clock and an occasional car driving down the street. What do I do next?  I have plenty options:

  1. create today’s LOAD 520 layout – the theme is friendship;
  2. find some fabric among my stash for two small quilt projects on my list;
  3. update the May Collect photo collage;
  4.  take a lunch break; and
  5. read a chapter in Before We Were Yours.

I think after I hit publish I’ll do 4 and 5 … and then see what next calls to me…

We here in the Nation’s capital are still under a stay-at-home order with a possible lifting 29 May. Ah, here comes the sun? And a reminder: Tuesday, 26 May is the One Little Word monthly link up here on this blog. Looking forward to sharing and reading.

Have a great holiday weekend, however you spend it. Be safe!



9 thoughts on “friday’s thoughts | 5.22.20 …

  1. It sounds like you are peaceful and content at home, and I think that is a good thing! In NJ we’re under stay-at-home orders until at least June 6th, and even if they are relaxed that doesn’t mean I have to go out (and certainly not without a mask). I hope you enjoy a lovely long weekend!


  2. you have the loveliest handwriting … and smile – glad I got to see both today! enjoy your weekend. It’s crazy to think that May 29 is just a week away!


  3. Oh I love the WORD days. Wisconsin has lifted and it is not good. We are avoiding and we are masking and we are not seeing anyone. There is too much evidence out there for me to lighten up yet. Sadly Honore, the barn will probably not see me this summer. Im still frightened after the horse knocked me down; they are opening in july with very few instructions re: how people distance. They will OFFER MASK and sanitize between students. Would I like to be a sanitizer. NO.
    So Fireman and I are talking a lot about those two 7 hour days we gave. What do we want to do to be of help. ? How can we visit Allison safely? In a camper maybe?
    I can count on humid weather this weekend which I love. Too many tourists will visit the weekend.


  4. I am seriously impressed by your journaling streak! Even at the height of my journaling practice, I wasn’t writing every day. I’ve managed most days since stay at home started, but that’s only a matter of weeks. I aspire to one day be as committed as you!


  5. When I read Before We Were Yours, I recall saying to myself, “Oh, I wish I hadn’t started this…” It was hard on my heart, but such good storytelling I couldn’t NOT finish!


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