simply a moment | 5.15.20…



simply a moment ~ 5:15 pm on 5/15/20

Since the #100dayproject2020 began 7 April and we’ve been social distancing, since forever?,  I have been taking a break at 4 pm to watch a bit of TV, along with picking up knitting the log cabin 9 patch lap robe. Today, I finished the second medium sized 9 patch blocks, just about 5:15 pm, and realized that it has been a long time since I’ve shared a simply a moment post. I’ve no idea why I stopped writing – but that is a good reason why I’ve not shared and for sure a good reason to resurrect the practice. NoteTo Self: add simply a moment to calendar!


We are having summer! Temp, as I write this, 86°F with relatively low humidity. A great day for a longer than usual walk. I went a different route, feasting my eyes on the lovely flowers, stopping to take a photo of this round house that has been renovated since the last time I walked by… easily a year or so ago…and


Everywhere, Irises in all their beauty abound…

Have a great weekend and many lovely moments!


9 thoughts on “simply a moment | 5.15.20…

  1. For a second I thought that YOU lived in that round house!! What a cute place!

    Your log cabin blocks are so cute and those flowers are breathtaking!


  2. Now I’m really curious what that round house looks like on the inside! It’s cute from the outside, but I’m betting the inside is a bit different.


  3. What an interesting little round house. It looks intriguing. I too wonder about the inside. And those iris are gorgeous. They are one of my favorite flowers. Happy Summer.


  4. My iris started opening on Saturday! Your picture is lovely those, they are really beauties! And go you on that block, the colors are perfect together!


  5. Oh gosh! I love the round house! I’d hate to have to place my furniture in it, but I love the look of it.
    Those iris are beautiful! We have a huge bed of them here at this house but only 3 bloomed. We had a crazy cold snap which must have harmed them.


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