unraveled wed | 5.13.20…

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Yesterday, Tues, was Recent Reads and since we are homebound, we met via Zoom – which enabled our friend Adele (in Ohio) to join us. The photo is the second half of a two page spread on yesterday’s meet-up; slipped in the book pocket is a screen-shot photo of our Zoom session – the only person you can see is me. And yes, that is the Golden Gate Bridge -one of Zoom’s virtual backgrounds. When I stand up and move away from the camera, I actually look like I’m walking across the bridge. Fun … the book I’m reading is Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. It’s quite a page turner. I haven’t had a chance today to resume but I intend to do so in a few short hours.


Later, I took a walk; these are flowers at my niece Kayla’s elementary school – two blocks from my house. When she attended, the rose bushes weren’t planted. Pretty, yes K?!


This is my second medium-sized Log Cabin 9 Patch block.  Thanks to #the100dayproject, I’m making good progress; 63 days ’til the project ends. Hmm, I may come pretty close to finishing  this project … We’ll see.

Time to have dinner and then log onto Zoom for a scrapbooking crop to work on today’s LOAD520 challenge. Joining Katand friends for another unraveled wednesday.


12 thoughts on “unraveled wed | 5.13.20…

  1. That is a lovely layout, and I especially like how you incorporated your zoom session. Virtually walking across the bridge sounds like fun! And wow, those roses! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bush that loaded with flowers and this early, too!


  2. I’m amazed by those roses! I was just remarking to my husband that we have our first bud just starting to open on our rosebushes. Amazing how much of a difference slightly different weather can make!


  3. Such beautiful roses! Thanks so much for sharing them. 🙂 And I’m so glad you’re able to stay connected with your groups via Zoom. It’s a wonderful thing during these days of social distancing.


  4. I’ve heard so many good things about Before We Were Yours and I think she has a new book out … soon? and just look at you knitting all those squares. This #100dayproject is really a lesson in how much we can do in just 15 minutes a day!


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