week in the life | day 1 | 5.11.20


6:29 am ~ morning sky

12 hours ago and counting, my day began …  and it is not over by any stretch of the imagination. Last night, we stayed up til midnight, watching reruns of The Golden Girls (1985 – 1992). The TV program is just as funny and pertinent as it was 28 years ago .

Today has been quietly busy, perhaps because I’m documenting it: participating in Ali Edwards inspired week in the life – WiTL. I think the last time I actually did a WiTL was September 2017 when I went to Oregon for a week long quilting class and then to Seattle to visit friends.


~6:23 pm ~ evening sky~

All day, the sky’s been a study: clouds, clouds, clouds, appearing very ominous and then, sunlight and blue skies break through, if only temporary. Fascinating. Beautiful. Today I wrote Haiku:

The sky ~ a study.

Clouds come, go. Birds fly high, low.

Nature’s gift to us

As MSQT evolved, I made a list of 11 things to do today….of course not all have received my undivided attention but 8 will by the time I go to bed. Tomorrow I host our bimonthly Recent Reads gathering… because of Covid -19, we are meeting via Zoom. So on that note, I shall hit publish and move onto creating my LOAD Day 11, which is – conveniently – to document today.

I hope your day has been a good one and that your tomorrow, even better.





9 thoughts on “week in the life | day 1 | 5.11.20

  1. I am not doing week in the life this week but I did spend time writing some of those stories and catching up with my paper projects. Love the sky pictures


  2. Usually life is so busy that I forget to spend time looking at the sky, which really is so fascinating to watch on cloudy days. Thanks for the reminder to look up more!


  3. Sky gazing is the best part of Sherman’s morning walk! 🙂 And I am wowed by your late hours! I have not seen midnight in far too long! Maybe now’s the time to try that! 🙂


  4. That sky is lovely … and yay for WITL. I’m following along and enjoying all the creativity folks are applying to this SAH year.


  5. We’ve been staying up later (though not until 12) and getting up a little later on the flip side. The skies are beautiful and I love your haiku. Keep looking up, keep smiling!


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