unraveled wednesday |5.6.20 …


Last week I was delighted to see the white iris in bloom; this week, I’m doubly delighted to see its purple companion…and looking forward to more blooms. Last year, if I recall, there was nary a bloom.

On the knitting front, I began the second set of medium sized log cabin 9 patch blocks – 9 blocks similar to this – the order of colors will be different and the knitting, much better, now that I know how to make a miter. These blocks are one of my #the100days Project 2020. I may even get all the blocks knit by July 15.


I have several titles in ebook and audio format for my SAH Book 2020 Bingo card…but, I wanted to read a real book, that is, one printed on paper…so, I scoured my shelves and found Lisa Wingate’s Before We Were Yours . I’ve read the first chapter and I think I’ll stick with it… not sure what square it might fill, there are two possibilities, one being the free square. Time will tell.

On the personal storytelling front, the May LOAD (Layout A Day ) scrapbook challenge is in full gear. The theme is The Beatles and all the prompts are based on their numerous hits; it’s fun! Today’s prompt includes a sunrise… I’m sure I have a photo or dozens of the sunrise in my photos, ya think?

And that wraps it up for another Unraveled Wednesday. Joining Kat and friends here.


15 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |5.6.20 …

  1. Those iris are beautiful, especially the contrast between the white and the purple. And your knitting and reading are coming along very nicely. Happy Wednesday!


  2. Irises always make me happy when I spot them, so I’m glad to see two colors! I’m also happy to see that you mastered the mitered corners of your square!


  3. My Irises are not quite ready to open yet, but I am (im)patiently waiting! I can wait to see which sunrise(s) you pick for yesterday’s LOAD!


  4. Those irises are beautiful. I love the way the knit quilt is coming together. I am never up to see the sunrise, so I will enjoy yours! Cheers!


  5. You are doing great on your 100DP, yay! Me? Not so much! I’ve been organizing my art desk, supplies, and culling the excess. Whew!
    I gave this book 4 stars, well written, sad, and based on true events. I enjoyed the authors afterword.
    Enjoy! ❤


  6. Oh I imagine you will have many spectacular sunrise shots. I’m glad you figured out the mitered square. The blanket looks great.


  7. You should have NO TROUBLE finding photos of sunsets! You have a wonderful collection of beautiful sky photos! Your knitting is coming along nicely.


  8. I read “Before We Were Yours” and really enjoyed it – great story! I’m failing miserably again at LOAD. It just seems that with everything else I’m trying to accomplish right now, the pressure of a daily layout is too much for me.


  9. So glad you were able to get into your groove with the miters. My reading has been in a serious slump, but hoping with warm evenings on the deck that will change.


  10. Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a white iris before – stunning! I heard Lisa Wingate on a podcast a while back (when the book first came out) and the story sounds really good. Looking forward to your review!


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