unraveled wednesday | 8.19.20 …


… These are – with the exception of Begin Again by Eddie Glaude – two of the books I bought last Saturday at Barnes & Noble; the other is Roller Skates which had to be ordered and has now arrived. I guess I’ll make a quick trip tomorrow afternoon to pick it up. Roller Skates is a children’s book- one of my childhood faves – set in NYC. I enjoyed fantasizing about skating up n’ down the streets of NYC… Just thought a little trio back in time might be a pleasant antidote during these times of Covid -19.

… I am slowly reviving two knitting projects : the second sock is on the needles and I decided to do both toes at the same time. The other, Diamonds are Forever afghan, is going to receive some TLC beginning next week.

… I think I need a new chair for my computer – one that allows me to adjust the height for sitting when I’m at the “stand-up” – counter height computer desk as well as the “sit down” positions. Counter intuitive? Does such exist? Google search in order…

… I’m not really happy with the new block editor  Word Press launched …I  resisted using  during the trial period- guess it’s just my mind rebelling…perhaps in due time I’ll change my mind. Always hard to teach an old horse new tricks . <smile>

Joining Kat and friends. Gotta have a quick dinner…have a Zoom session at 7 PM, EST.



9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 8.19.20 …

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this photo! I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn years ago–probably time for a reread. The other two are already on my TBR list!


  2. I have A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on my list too. And I have a chair that adjust for desk or sewing machine height but when I had my standing desk, it didn’t go that high.


  3. Several people seem to be reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn lately. I read it as a kid, but it’s been years and I don’t remember much about it — perhaps it’s time for a reread!


  4. I am on the wait list for A Tree… I hope it is not long! (and there is a plugin/widget that will fix the new editor… search Classic Editor and install and voila! Back to normal!!)


  5. I love seeing a book stack! and look forward to hearing what you think about Tree on the re-read. will you relate to Francie? or her mama?


  6. A stack of books is a treat. I have been pondering what to put on my fall reading list. I am off to look up Roller Skates. I have not heard of it but zooming around on the sidewalks of NYC sounds like fun. Good luck finding just the right chair. The right chair makes a big difference for backs and shoulders. (and probably some other body parts as well)


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