sometimes …

  IMG_1078      monday morphs into tuesday… I had the best intentions, plans and ideas yesterday to post … and somehow for some reason, some way, the day got away from me … as it did over the weekend. Perhaps because I was on Zoom, more than off, it seems – I hasten to add, not a complaint, just a fact. I am grateful for Zoom and other similar technologies; not only are we  able to keep in touch with family,  we’re also enabled to:
  1. connect with friends , including those who perhaps we’ve only met online via our blogs and other social media;
  2. learn new techniques in areas of our own personal interests, etc.
IMG_1064      saturday -the 15th- afternoon, I went to Barnes & Noble and managed to spend more than enough on books to keep me company for a bit…more on them tomorrow.  t’ws my first visit to a bookstore since February! I also stopped at a local office supply  – filled with back to school supplies. In normal times, the inventory would be pretty much decimated. I bought the little guys each their own composition notebook, designed specifically for their ages: 6 and 2 3/4. I know that through the balance of 2020, Chris (6 years) will be doing first grade virtually and Elias, of course, will want to do everything his big bro’ (idol) does. I felt a tinge of sadness as I looked at all the school supplies – memories of back-to-school from my childhood, my nieces, flooded over and floored me as the reality of these times stopped me cold. [deep sigh].   IMG_1088      yesterday it rained off -n-on and then of course stormed – just as Norman was putting the trash out for tuesday’s collection. why not? fortunately, tv reception wasn’t affected so we were able to watch the Democratic National Convention.   IMG_1113      today was nearly perfect – low 80s ! Unheard of in the middle of August in these parts. I do not complain!  Cheers~     PS. A reminder: next Tuesday, August 25 is the monthly one little word linkup on this blog!  

9 thoughts on “sometimes …

  1. Oh my! How can it be time for another one word post? I have been on a book buying binge. Fortunately I am also reading a lot. Your salad looks wonderful


  2. Both your salad and your flowerbed are wonderfully vibrant … I always feel frustrated when a day ‘gets away from me’. Oh, back to stationery and bookshops? How glorious – life really would feel more ‘normal’. I’m sure your little relatives will love their composition books, and what a lovely gift.


  3. I’ve yet to venture into a bookstore, but I’ve bought many more books than usual since the library was closed. Fortunately, it’s reopened and I’m making good use of it again! Buying school supplies for my class, for kids I worked with at Cameron, and for myself (I must admit) was one of my favorite end-of-summer activities. It’s hard for me to comprehend how next week can be the end of August!!!


  4. Did you skip through the aisles of B&N because you were so happy to be surrounded by books again? 😉 I’m looking forward to hearing about the books you picked up.

    I took my daughter back-to-school shopping a little more than a week ago and had to restrain myself from not buying supplies for myself as well. It certainly felt a little different, but it was nice to have one little moment of normalcy.


  5. That salad looks awesome. My first fun venture was to B and N, and I think I may have been skipping through the aisles, or at the very least doing my own little happy dance! Love the colorful zinnias! Even more love the vibe coming off the dnc—country before party.


  6. I haven’t ventured into a book store or an office supply store since February . . . Maybe soon, though? I really do love wandering through book stores — and office supply stores, actually!


  7. I can’t WAIT to wander aimlessly through a bookstore, and then go out for a coffee. Used to be one of my very favorite Saturday and/or Sunday activities. soon I hope. Charlie started virtual Kindergarten today … complete with all the school supplies and he even has a lunch box! Haven’t heard yet what he thought about the whole thing. fingers crossed he LOVED it!


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