Random thoughts …


~Fri 7 Aug – 7:36 PM EST~

… last week (as I took my late afternoon walk , alone and slowly, for my aching back pain was then and at times, still attention-gripping), Friday’s sky was indeed a study. I wished I had watercolors and brush to stop and play; instead, I gave thanks for my iPhone camera. I wished also to lay down on the grass and look up at the sky. Ha! Who am I kidding ? I’d probably still be there, unable to get up… still the thought appeals …

… today, the sky poured earlier.  As I pen this post, it appears that the rain is over – an invitation for a walk…

… the grass in the back yard, is overdue for a cut – I can see the blades waving, caressed (?) by a gentle breeze. Our lawn care guy had to postpone the scheduled “cut;” his dad tested positive for Covid-19 …

… leaving you with this link (from the Smithsonian ) to a very different window on the world during these times of Covid-19 … Enjoy!

…and now, I’m off for the walk before the next round of rain comes!



13 thoughts on “Random thoughts …

  1. Good for you for walking anyway! I have a funny vision of you spreadeagled on someone’s lawn at dusk, lol!!
    The Window Swap link is SO much fun! I have to look at more details but they seem Live!
    Vugs, L.


  2. I am glad you are able to walk a little but ouch. I have had a couple bouts of nasty back pain and it isn’t any fun. I loved the window swap. It’s such a good reminder that the world goes on.


  3. I’m sorry to hear your back is still bothering you. I hope you’re able to get some relief soon (and I’m glad you’re able to still go for your walks — I’m sure that helps even if it’s a bit uncomfortable!).

    That window swap is amazing!


  4. Watching other places in our wide and wonderful world brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing birds in Scotland, traffic in Ghana, and rain in India. Thank you for the link to a whole new perspective! I hope your back eases and find relief.


  5. The Window Swap was fun! Thanks for the link.
    Sorry to hear your back is still giving you trouble. My neurosurgeon always says: walking, walking is the best thing for backs!
    The cloud picture is amazing, I have been an avid cloud watcher since a young child, though I too no longer lay down on the grass. Getting up would not be pretty.


  6. Those clouds are fantastic. Such a great photo. Yes walking is definitely the best thing. So easy to tweak your back. I have a friend who tweaked hers when she was in her 20s brushing her teeth! The advice doctors have given between then and now has changed radically. Keep moving especially walking is the answer and hopefully it will continue to improve. Love that link…so cool. Thank you😘


  7. Honore , you strike me as a tall woman. I hope your back is starting to improve. I’m sure you are all over the best shoes etc. Sometimes my back pain is relieved with curling up with a hot electric blanket. But probably not in DC right now


  8. We got some much needed rains here as well (and some much cooler weather!) But it seems the blast furnace weather is back this week. Perhaps Mother Nature is wanting us to yearn for autumn… because I am!


  9. So sorry to read about your back pain, Honoré, and hope the walking eases it for you – so miserable to be coping with pain, so all kudos to you for keeping going (and resting a bit too?). The clouds are indeed lovely in that blue sky. And thank-you so much for the wondow-swap link – just fascinating! I’ve been in Russia, Goa, Brazil …


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