(today’s sunset at 5:43 pm, EST)

This is a long tale…of woe, I ‘spect.

My mother was in a Tom Thumb wedding when she was  five years old; as part of the event, she was given a gold band. As she grew older, she wore the band on her pinkie finger and when she married, it stayed there, next to her thin gold wedding band. As a child, I coveted that Tom Thumb ring…I don’t think she could’ve removed it, had she been so inclined.

Fast forward to early 80s; I found a pinky gold band that was shaped much like a lower case h  – with a small diamond in the upper portion of the letter. Of course I bought the ring and wore it too on my left pinky finger. I eventually had the diamond removed for it often got snagged.  I had the ring for nearly forty years – wearing it mostly when I was out: working; socializing; etc.

Yesterday,  I joined  friends for our Thursday stitching gathering and on the way home made a couple stops, one at a small shopping plaza. As I was walking the halls to get to my car, I looked down at my left hand and realized I didn’t have on my ring! I retraced my steps: I’d gone to Joann’s and the grocery store for bananas, apples and a container of Panera’s broccoli cheese soup (sooo good!). A look and inquiry in both places turned up not-a-thing! I drove home, thinking, hoping that perhaps I’d not put on the ring. Alas, that was not the case. The ring was not in my jewelry box.

I searched my purse and the basket of knitting I’d taken. I searched the pockets of the jeans and shirt I wore; my coat pockets. I even searched the plastic bags that held my purchases. I  searched through every thing, many times over. To no avail! My friend- in whose home we gathered – even searched her couch, moving the pillows and looking underneath. Zilch. Da nada.

I have not thoroughly searched my car; just don’t have the emotional energy. Perhaps over the weekend –  if the weather cooperates and that’s dubious… because winter may return…

I am slowly coming to terms with my lost ring. I know that I can always get a replacement of some sort, if I so choose. I am grateful that the ring was not my mother’s from the Tom Thumb wedding. Had that been the case, I imagine I’d be a bit  inconsolable today.

As the sun sets – and it was pretty dramatic this day – I am feeling a tad better; it helps for me to voice, acknowledge my feelings. Know that I appreciate beyond words your support. I have learned over my years of living that life does go on and I am grateful for each day I’ve had; even the one where I’ve lost my ring.

Have a wonderful, preferably non-weather-event- weekend!




15 thoughts on “lost…

  1. OH Honore! I am so sorry. I knew nothing of Tom Thumb Weddings. A google search gave sweet information. I will email you a darling photo of a recent TOM THUMB wedding at a school that was held as a fundraiser. I hope it shows uP!!!! BIG HUGS


  2. well that’s a big UGH! THINGS do matter, especially when they’re tied so personally to you and your mom. maybe it will turn up … but if it doesn’t, I hope you find something wonderful to fill up the space it left … or maybe you’ll just enjoy the space. xxoo.


  3. Oh Honore, I am so sorry. It really is sad to lose something that means so much. (If it helps ….. I once lost a bracelet and it was gone for over six months. When cold weather came again and I pulled out a pair of jeans ….. it was in the pocket. Maybe you’ll have the same good luck too. I’m hoping so.


  4. Oh no! Mary is right – sometimes things do really matter – a physical reminder is a link to that person. My heart is breaking for you and I hope that your ring turns up. But, if it does not, may the empty space do what the ring did. XOXO


  5. Oh, thinking of you … So hard when something which has been part of our daily lives is no longer there … I’m still hoping it may be waiting for you in the car or in a glove. Your photo is just beautiful and speaks of hope.


  6. I am SO SORRY! To lose something with such sentimental value is very hard. I’m hoping it will turn up, but if it doesn’t I hope you will search out a replacement. Your beautiful photograph lifted my spirits; I hope it lifted yours just a bit.


  7. Well darn it anyway. I am sorry you lost the ring that means so much to you. I know we are all supposed to not be so attached to things but sometimes we just are. Your ring sounds so lovely and has been with you for such a long time. Maybe it will show up in some unexpected place or time. Lots of love from me to you.


    1. Thanks loads Jane! I am “smarting less” with each day…perhaps one day it will “show up” but I am not holding my breath. Appreciate your love and Vugs (virual hugs)!


  8. I’m hoping for a weekend discovery for you, but I lost my grandmother’s grandmother’s ring nearly 30 years ago; the sentimentality can still be overwhelming. It was probably the only thing in our family of such an age, and I still feel the guilt. I’m so grateful for you that though your ring and you had been together so long, for you it was an honorary stand in for an even more important memory and ring. Good luck, and great reminder of how to view each day. Thank you.


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