sometimes mondays | 2.11.2019 …


(I went to IKEA yesterday and treated myself to a frozen yogurt…yes, it was cold out!)

…are messy! It appears that winter has returned, despite Phil’s declaration, throwing a monkey wrench in everyone’s plans. I’m sure the school kids are delighted – especially if they have snow. We just had a dusting followed by rain and now: frozen snow! I am not complaining for my drive north was cancelled. As I see it, time returned to my schedule and an opportunity for me to finish – or at least get close –  the quilt I’m making… there, on the ironing board:  24 stitched blocks.


Once I’ve pressed the set on the right, I will join all 24 …and voila: a quilt top. I think first, tho’, I’ll straighten the chaos in my sewing studio – there’s only so much disorganization that 72 sq foot room can accommodate*.

Time to get on with this day. What’s on your agenda? Whatever, enjoy!


*Note to Self: I probably need to consult with IKEA’s design team; they have a knack for maximizing small spaces.

12 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 2.11.2019 …

  1. I used the morning to clean out a couple of cupboards that I have been ignoring. And, while it was really not a “fun” exercise, it feels so good to have it off the list!


  2. Frozen yogurt sounds delicious right now. Your creative room is pretty I love the red and aqua bins. More snow and ice headed this way. I slipped in the yard today .Ugh. No more feeding the birds


  3. We managed to get out to the store in the short time between snow storms. I think even the kids would like to get back to school after the messy weeks we have had. Love your hood!


  4. first up on my to-do list for the week was to “tidy up my WIPs” – I know you can relate 🙂 well turns out it was mostly putting away the needles from my last project and coming to grips with the projects I was really working on (not many) and putting the others away. my project bag looks a lot lighter and neater now!


  5. Ooooooooooooo…..not sure I could eat ice cream on such a chilly day, but it looks very delicious!

    I’m sure cleaning up your craft room will have you warmed up in no time.


  6. And I was just thinking how very creatively exciting that corner looked (especially with those alluring fabrics draped on the ironing board) and then I got to the word ‘disorganised’ … Hoping you’ve managed to get it how you like it! That’s a great contrast between your fur-lined hood, the sunglasses and the ice-cream.


  7. What a good idea to have a little frozen yogurt. Cute photo. And the sewing space – I love it. There is something about putting together fabrics and quilts that makes a lovely inspiring creative space. Or as my husband says when he walks by, “oh – you are quilting again and you look happy. “


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