unraveled wednesday | 2.13.2019…

     All 24 quilt blocks are done: stitched together in six columns of six blocks each and seams pressed.*  Next steps:

  • 1 -join the six columns;
  • 2- buy backing (I looked  through my stash and didn’t find anything I really liked so I’ll stop at the quilt shop tomorrow after I meet with my Thurs stitching friends);
  • 3 – give to the long arm quilter to stitch her magic joining the three layers – top, batting and backing – together… and then
  • 4 – Voila, one quilt ready for the May quilt show and, and…
  • 5 – finish the two quilts on my design wall, also slated for the quilt show.

I’m about half through Digital Minimalism and discovered the other day I missed the author’s book signing last Sat, here in DC. He actually lives in Takoma Park, MD, a suburb of DC. Oh well… On my TBR list: 3 memoirs: Educated by Tara Westover; Inheritance by Dani Shapiro; and Anne Patchett’s Truth & Beauty.

As for knitting, I continue to stitch a row or several most days on the Christmas stocking and Log Cabin/ 9- patch lap robe. Waiting patiently in the wings is a project I promised myself I would not start until (if ever?) those two were nearly completed… I am seeing the end! I also have a couple other KNiPs ( knit projects in progress – or not) that need some attention; determined to do so in 2019!

Time to resume my stint at the sewing machine and even go for a walk – sun’s in/out today and the temps are in the high 40s! Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday!


*(the photo on the left is cloudy because the iron was steaming…)

14 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 2.13.2019…

  1. Your quilt fabrics are lovely, and just the thing for a grey day in February! Three quilts for the quilt show sounds like a great accomplishment (and I hope we get to see them)!


  2. LOVE the colors in your quilt top! …adding Truth & Beauty to my TBR (which has grown exponentially these past few weeks #goodproblems)


  3. The quilt blocks are gorgeous; can’t wait to see the finished product! Inheritance is on my TBR. I first read about Digital Minimalism right here, but have seen one reference after another about it. Think that needs to go on the list as well.


  4. Such pretty fabric in those quilt blocks. Keep us posted on your quilting progress. I enjoy Patchett’s writing. We had an interesting discussion in our book group about Truth and Beauty. I have Educated on my list too. I finished Obama’s book and am still thinking about her story.


  5. I’m always impressed by your discipline as it relates to quilting, knitting, reading, writing, and life in general. I’m always attempting to learn from your example. Beautiful fabrics in your quilt top. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Thank you for sharing your delight and discipline.


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