one little word sept update | 9.24.19 …


I read a lot of articles and books on habits and had this article show up in my google feed, I’m sure thanks to the miracle of one’s surfing habits. I share because I like the author’s tone and the information is always worth reviewing, reconnecting, reprising.

Last month, I wrote about my penchant – a fancy word for habit – for writing notes, ideas, thoughts, oops! – I forgot, on any available piece of paper within arm’s reach. I have diligently been working on erasing that habit, with a modicum of success. To date, I’ve whittled notes down to three( or so) receptacles, pictured above. They are, top to bottom:

  • Rhodia notepad @ my computer
  • Rhodia reverse book – an 8 x8 spiral bound with dot grid paper
  • traveler’s notebook/calendar

The last two I generally have close at hand and if push comes to shove, I can always jot down things in my iTools… when I remember.

Habits are hard to make …and/or break but slowly, there is progress.

How are you doing with your word? Joining Juliann for September’s  one little word update.


7 thoughts on “one little word sept update | 9.24.19 …

  1. I love your note gathering collection! I have a journal that I keep in my purse to capture things when I am out and that has helped tremendously in remembering!


  2. I’m a note taker and a notebook keeper. I have lists everywhere and somewhere! My main habit that I try to alter is how much news I consume. I give myself time limits and that works best. Also I crowd out news reading with book reading and that works well too.


  3. Well, I thought about mine a lot while we were traveling. I’ve been pretty consistent about honoring the intent of the word, but lost interest in keeping a daily record of some of my specific goals some time ago. Don’t think I’ll go back to that, but I am thinking it’s about time for an assessment.


  4. Just popping into Feedly again, having been missing in action for a while, and your lovely post has reminded me how important my habit of connecting with my creative friends has been and how much I’ve missed it. Welcome to fall, and looking forward to seeing how the new note-keeping ways suit you …


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