simply a moment | 12.15.22…

I loved: Niece CMarie’s and labradoodle Hazel’s matching winter jackets…fun and funny, especially for cold, rainy nearly winter days…

I think: Rainy days are good for wrapping up odds and ends chores on the ever-present, never ending task lists. Write X; Pay Y; Schedule Z… Read this crop of email that arrived in the past 10 minutes. Delete is more likely to happen. Catch up on past days’ news: Today, I was pleased to read that WOMAN is dictionary. com’s word of the year 2022. (Apparently the announcement was made yesterday)…

I saw: UPS trucks, gathered to exchange packages so that the day’s deliveries make it to their final destinations – I presume in time for the holiday gift exchange … just 10 days away. It has been raining cats and dogs all day. So far today, too cold for my daily walk. So, I make do with extra trips up and down the stairs and around the house … something’s better than nothing!

And that’s a glimpse of a few moments of my days.

6 thoughts on “simply a moment | 12.15.22…

  1. I can certainly relate to the blizzard of emails that arrive non-stop despite my efforts to unsubscribe to many of them. I’ve taken to deleting them in batches! Hope the weather clears up enough for a good walk. The rain turned to snow here; our first “real” snowfall of the season. Making it to December 15th was pretty good!


  2. Aw, how cute are the two of them?!

    We had the same rain yesterday — chilly and miserable. I went out in it (well layered and with a heavy raincoat on) and came back with wet feet, though thanks to wool socks, not cold feet. It was definitely a good day to stay inside.


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