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Over the years, since 2011, I’ve taken and shared many a photo of my mugs. I have a variety of mugs: several celebrate a holiday; some are mugs my parents used; a couple serve a special function – e.g., soup mugs; and some hold special significance such as the mug with evergreen trees that I brought back from my 2022 summer trip to my favorite place: Sisters OR. All have helped me welcome another day on this planet earth.

In the Fall of 2022, I ordered a mug from author Gretchen Rubin and creator of the podcast: Happier with Gretchen Rubin. The mug arrived and I set it on the riser that holds my computer. One afternoon as I was drafting a blog post, I glanced over towards the mug and said out loud: That’s it! My word for 2023! Happier.

I have been a fan of Gretchen’s since the publication of her book: The Happiness Project in 2009. These past years of Covid have extracted a great deal from us – peoples – of the world. I am no exception.

Happiness, being happier, for most all of us has been and is in short supply. But not exhausted.

I’m not sure where my word will take me in 2023 but it is a journey I’m eager and able to take. I invite you to join me.

Here’s to being happier!


PS. The poster is from the 2023 Linnea Poster Calendar @ http://www.LINNEADESIGN.COM Each month offers a different poster.

9 thoughts on “happier |one little word ~2023 …

  1. Happy New Year! Happier is a great word! I gave serious thought this year to abandoning the OLW tradition, but instead have taken a cue from another blogging friend and am choosing a word for the first quarter of the year. If I want to continue with it I will, but if I feel a need for a different word come April, I’ll make a change. The last couple of years, I’ve done well with my word until the summer months, and then it all falls away. I’ve also decided to set intentions monthly this year and hoping that will inspire me to focus my time to better. We shall see.


  2. What a perfect word for you. I am with Mary, I love the suffix -er. It makes the word seem so “doable” and not resting on perfection. Mugs ( as in drinking vessels and not faces, although I like faces too) are such good companions aren’t they? I enjoy seeing yours.


  3. A word redolent with possibilities and hope – and ‘do-able-ness’ (is that a word?)! As we start the year, I’m wishing you lots of positive moments with your word, and I look forward to seeing how it shapes and nourishes your life this year … Sending warmest good wishes for your journey with it.


  4. LOVE IT. Can’t wait to follow along! (And a question for you. Did you read GR’s Churchill book? I’ve only read Happier and her books published after that one…)
    And thanks for including the Linnea link. 🙂 Makes me think of your word a few years back!!


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