Happier – January 2023 …

What makes me happier?

8:30 AM. Friday, January 27, on my to-do list : “write blog post.” I’ve not started it yet -tho’ I am in Writers’ Hour… *8:50 AM. My watch tells me: “Time to stand and replenish my tea. “ Ah, the wonders of technology!

I spent Thursday afternoon, after Daily Pages (certainly the hi-light of my day and the subject for another post) organizing monthly paper work and getting ready for “tax season.” I am not at all like my father who a) was meticulous in keeping financial records and b) could make sense out of bits-n-pieces of paper, receipts, all gathered in a brown paper bag or a shoebox brought to him by small entrepreneurs. Asking myself: Could that be my answer – a brown paper bag and/or a shoebox? – to a task I don’t especially like? T’would that make me happier? Doubtful…

For sure, one thing I KNOW: my mostly morning – daily walk, at least 23 -30 min per outing – makes me happier. I clock using my Apple Watch. My daily walk is just restorative and exciting to see what I discover as the seasons change. A fave sight is that of preschoolers, tethered by a walking chain, out on their morning walk, too … Several often wave at me; we’ve seen each other before. Tho’today was indeed brisk – frigid – their waves warmed my heart and made me happier.

One of the “things” I often write during morning journaling is the phrase: “birds flocking…” Generally, in the Fall and Winter months, I see any number- 5 to who knows how many – birds flocking and I write myself a note: Answer question: “Why do birds flock?” Yesterday I finally answered the question watching stunning visuals via YouTube and a new word – Murmurations – that somehow escaped my lexicon. Check out this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/DLuEwFblaN4 for more info. I think this is what I like best about the Internet – answers and information about the obscure, mysterious, everyday, wonderment question. Reminds me of the pleasure I got just reading a print dictionary or encyclopedia article that caught my eye as I was looking up something else. In today’s world, I can highlight a word, e.g., wonderment, and in DayONE -the program I use for digital journaling – look up the word’s meaning…

Tiago Forte’s book/concept of a “second brain” appeals to me, to an extent. My preference is to use my own brain – for its better or worse storage/retrieval capabilities. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t want to learn how someone else thinks – I’m having enough challenge figuring out how (if ?) I think… Guess that’s why I’m not much of an app advocate. A pencil/pen and piece of paper or sticky note (Yes! I know there are apps for them, too!) make me happier… On the other hand, my 8.5 years’ old great grand nephew is a whiz with “second brain” tools and toys. I remember once complaining to my mother about all the graffiti gracing the buildings and street signs and sidewalks and billboards and, and, and… Her response to me: “Remember the cave man!” Perspective! Thinking about that conversation makes me smile, happier

The questions I’m allegedly answering in 2023 with my One Little Word: “ What indeed makes me happpier? Will doing X, Y or Z make me Happier?” I do know it isn’t ‘French Fries … And of course, the answer is: I won’t know until I do!

What is making you happer these days? TBC… to be continued!



10 thoughts on “Happier – January 2023 …

  1. It’s rather amazing, but going to the gym three mornings a week has made me happier the last couple of months. I’ve never been a fan of the gym, and there are mornings when I think I’d much rather stay home, but I always I feel better and happier when we leave. It’s been too cold and icy to walk outside here the last few days and isn’t likely to change until the weekend. I do miss walking outside! Also, seeing a blog post from you always makes me happier!!!


  2. What a wonderful post. I am also a paper/pencil/sticky note/ paper journal kind of woman. All the paper-y supplies make me happier. The neighborhood children also make me happier so I am glad you get to see a little line of preschoolers. Chocolate and a good decaf latte make me much happier than a french fry. It’s a good thing we are all different.


  3. Well, here’s another one who is happier just seeing your post pop up in my reader :). I love your collection of happier musings … yes, murmurations are amazing. I was lucky enough last year to see one of starlings – it really lifted my heart and filled me with awe. I’ve read a book about The Second Brain but it seemed to involve so much new technology learning that I’ve mentally filed it for now. And if anything happens to telecommunications or electricity supply? Pen and paper always feels safer, and somehow at hand. Sending you warm good wishes for more happiness in February.


  4. What a wise mother!! And I’m there with you, with my pencil and paper. (I only use one app…and that’s Axis 360 for audiobooks! I know they’re probably super helpful. And, I love my paper calendar…for example!)


  5. I know I’m of a different generation from you, but I still reach for a pen and paper first! I think you’ve found so many things that will make you Happier (I particularly love your regular greeting by the preschoolers), and I can’t wait to see what else you discover.


  6. This post is delightful, Honoré! I simply love a blank page… to me it invites opportunity! But I also use a digital calendar… its gentle reminders, its ease of use, its ease of sharing important upcoming things! Happiness in both worlds! 🙂

    This is a very good word for you this year! XO


  7. Love this post and the little bird, who I think has it right! A french fry would make me VERY happy! 🙂
    This post is full or joy and I love reading how you think and your attitude about life. You have a great outlook and the right perspective. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts!


  8. Well this post made my blog reading happier! murmurations is one of my favorite words (and ideas) and “murder of crows” always makes me smile. I taught that phrase to Sam on Monday and he loves it!


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