Zibaldone|28 November 2022

November brought 1- Congressional elections; 2 – spectacular color courtesy Mother Nature; 3 – old, new and many-paged books in my reading stack; 4- delightful morning walks, although for about ten days, the temps hovered in the low to mid 30s. 5- birthday celebration: floral bouquet for my 80th birthday trip around the sun and 6 – my great grand nephew, Elias’ 5th. AmaZing! 7 – The photo that shows a doll on my path caused me to think how sad it got lost. 8 – I was intrigued by the painter capturing the autumn scene in watercolors… 9 – I walked to the Franciscan Monastery Saturday and was delighted to see the Koi pond filled with fish.

I am also delighted with this quilt-let, approx 12” x 12.” I made it after my trip to Sisters OR in July. I call it “I Left My Heart in Sisters…” and am embarking on a new and exciting “slow stitching” program.

Stay tuned for December’s magic. And thanks for joining me on my journey.


7 thoughts on “Zibaldone|28 November 2022

  1. I love your photo collage – what a collection of memories! And that quilt is gorgeous – what a great way to commemorate your trip to Sisters. ❤️


  2. ‘I Left My Heart in Sisters…’ is absolutely gorgeous! Wow, well done! I love the collage and these peeks into your days. I have Oliver on my shelf and it reminds me to revisit. I enjoyed The Marriage Portrait more than I expected to, she’s good. Happy almost December 😉


  3. The quiltlet is stunning, and the top panel reminds me of a photo I took as we approached Three Sisters in 2019. I would never have gone there had it not been for your recommendations, and we spent a lovely 1/2 day there. Hoping to get back someday to spend more time in that part of Oregon. Yours was a birthday to celebrate, and I hope it was a good one!


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