… Catching my own is more than a notion. A lot vies for mine, as evidenced by the “plethora” – a favorite Norman word – of notes, both sticky and un – that I write, on whatever’s available, usually with a pen. And, as I am prone to handwrite, know that I avail myself liberally. Quite.

I believe Habit was my word for 2019. A chosen word for any given year – and I’ve been choosing one since 2009, easily – doesn’t just disappear when the clock strikes 12:00 AM of the new year. The words become and stay a part of one, forming a “dictionary,” so to speak.

I began writing this post during Writers’ Hour last week – I had only typed 92+ words. Note to Self: remember I have Apple Notes on all my devices and can not only type but also write with the Apple pen and my voice, i.e., the microphone, which comes in handy when walking, too!

I think I want to embrace the “technology” just so I will a) break the habit of writing on assorted pieces of paper and b) have more time to spend exercising my creativity vs shuffling through random notes and thoughts and ideas and, and, and…

Doing so will, I am 100% certain, result in my being:

… less, disorganized, frazzled, overwhelmed, scatterbrained;

…more creative, experimental, fulfilled!


What’s one small thing you might do to make your life happier?



Photo taken on a walk earlier in the month of a left-over Holiday yard display.

5 thoughts on “Attention!

  1. Thanks for asking! Step away from the screen and go for a walk instead of procrastinating. ;-0)
    I do find myslef more scattered these days, but I’m not always sure tech is the answer for me. I write my mind dump long hand and then put tasks/activities on our chalkboard or in Twos which I’m remembering to use more often than not. ;-0 Vugs!


  2. It’s hard to change our habits! I think one thing that will make me happier is keeping my desk tidy because then when I sit down, the surface is clear and ready for whatever comes next. I need to get into the habit of putting things away when I get up from that space. and I’m finding that hard to do.


  3. I am also a scribbler on lots of pieces of paper. I have tried digital methods, but they just don’t work as well for me. Seems like you have embraced them, though, so I’m cheering for you! Habits can be hard to change.


  4. I admire your embrace of technology. I should look at the sky more often during the day. A friend gave me some daffodils yesterday and they make me so happy.


  5. It took some time, but I have finally “merged” over to iNotes … solely and completely! No more scraps of paper… I have a well-curated bunch of notes. I can save a poem, a quote, write a grocery list…. and so much more. I hope your move to digital finds success!


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