simply a moment | 6.15.20…

~this morning about 7 am~
I promised myself that I’d resume the practice of writing about the  moment on the 15th of the month – a practice I cultivated for 4 or so  years. Why I stopped, I really can’t  say. This morning I wrote a draft in the DayONE app on my iPad, fully expecting it to appear (aka sync) on my desktop. Dinna happen. So at 6:15 PM this evening, I was pre-occupied trying to figure out why not and what to do next…answers that I yet do not have…
In previous Simply A Moment entries, I aimed to capture the moment in time that corresponded to the date: 3:15 pm at 3/15  or 6:15 am or pm  on 6/15.
This morning, at 6:15 am, tho’ I was awake and up, I’d completely forgotten that today was the 15th and therefore, called for this post. At 7:17 am, waiting for my tea to cool, I realized that my body clock was still operating on regular time and 7:17 am, DST, was close enough. And thus I wrote, in DayONE on my iPad:
My tea has cooled. I am settled in at the table. There is a very perceptible breeze. More traffic is visible on the Avenue – Rhode Island Avenue (aka as US Route 1) – tho’ not nearly as heavy at this time of day, pre Covid-19  and despite the fact that some of stay at home orders in the DMV area have been lifted.
It is now 7:48 am and at 8:30, Mindful Monday begins. This practice, my first Zoom session of this week 25 in the year 2020. Led by Jamie Ridler, creator/hostess of the Journal Cub – on summer vacation – Mindful Monday is the time for focusing on the week’s: goals, plans, activities, musts and wants – with more emphasis on wants.  During the session’s 45 minutes, we 
  • reprise the previous week
  • journal
  • plan and choose a touchstone and one thing to focus on during the week.

My idea, not yet a plan, is to use DayONE twice a day, in the morning and evening, between the 6 -8 AM and PM hours, to document my day/s, using a hybrid approach – combining analog + digital script…for I can now also use the Apple pen in DayONE on the iPad!  I’m hoping this will be an interesting experiment. Stay tuned…

And now, I shall move on to the PM agenda: back to joining blocks on my Log Cabin 9 Patch lap robe using the 3-Needle Bindoff technique…




3 for …



1.  and now he is SIX!

Tuesday, June 9, Chris graduated from KDG to First grade – virtually!  Yesterday, 10 June, he turned 6. We celebrated via Zoom and watched with drooling mouths as his cake was cut and eaten. Despite being miles apart, as far away as Ohio where his great grandad lives, we had a raucous good time…Norman and I celebrated with champagne, of course!

2. back to the future is now 

Earlier this month, in this space and on my Instagram, I allowed as how I was learning the 3 Needle Bind Off  technique for joining squares of the LogCabin9Patch lap blanket I’m knitting – or is it that I’m being knitted? Whatever, I’m running into a problem with dropping stitches, losing count. So it’s tink, tink, tink. I am determined to master this and have the 4 PM hour reserved for the endeavor. So far, success remains elusive but I shall push on

3. it ain’t just broke 

 IT is Central Air and has to be replaced! The entire system, mais oui (but of course). Naturally one finds this out when the temperature is in the 90s with the humidity equally high! I guess it’s a good thing I am not going to Oregon this Fall, as I’d tentatively planned before Covid-19 …

Joining Unraveled Wednesday and 3 on Thursday this week.  Do visit Kat and Carole and see what’s going on with others this week.

I think I feel a slight breeze. Wahoo!




wrap up …



In January, I shared a quilt block I’d made to send to the Quilt Blocks for Australian Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild in the Australian province of New South Wales. They report we have “received blocks from over 30 countries. Our current block tally is 14,359. We estimate that the final number of blocks will be over 15,000 blocks.” The blocks are a delight. Want to see some? Check out this link :

We took a walk early afternoon. The flowers were lovely. Tomorrow, the City’s monthly shred and disposal of household electronics, etc reopens…so I’ve spent the past couple hours purging files to take to be shredded.

As I draft this post, the sky is turning ominously gray; I imagine a storm is brewing which is good because we’ve had a second day in a row of humid, hot weather. A cool off will be much appreciated.

Hope you have a good and cool weekend ahead.



unraveled wednesday|6.3.20 …


On this, the 3rd day of June, the thermometer, at 2:30 pm, already registers 90° F! Eeek, it’s h-o-t!  Frankly, I am not ready for Washington’s summer heat; summer is still 19 days away!  The heat makes it really hard to continue knitting on my log cabin/9 patch blanket but I shall.  I am at the point now where I begin joining the pieces …  If I remain focused, I might even finish this project by the #100daysproject2020  end: 15 July. Time will tell.

Over the past week, reading has been usurped by TV –  watching the continuous reporting of the protests across the country.  The TBR list grows and now that I have ink for my printer, at last, I can even print out my stay-at-home summer 2020 bingo card… I think it’s time to reconnoiter, refresh and renew my plans …

Laundry’s done; chicken baked. Time to hit publish and pick up those knitting needles as I watch TV. Joining Kat and friends.




on a rare day in June …


I believe this sidewalk art was made by a young girl, approximately 9 years old. I have seen her in her yard on my walks.

Against the backdrop of the first of June’s rare days, we ~ here in the Nation’s capital ~ are under a 7 PM – 6AM curfew. On Friday last, the Covid-19 “stay at home” order was lifted … and here, as with many major cities across the Nation, protests have been ongoing and devastating.


unraveled wednesday |5.27.20 …



~the three balls of yarn are colors for the last blocks~

weeks come; weeks go ever so slowly. I note the subtle shifts and changes in my daily routine: I always start each day with a lot of enthusiasm but near 4 PM, I feel my energy begin to drain. Today, my favorite podcast : Happier with Gretchen Rubin will accompany me on my walk, which I’ll take around 5 pm… the opening music always adds a little spring to my step.

I am about to start the last (next?) three blocks of my Log Cabin 9Patch lap robe and restart Commonwealth; I enjoyed Anne Patchett’s Dutch House so much and thought I had a copy of Commonwealth – I  do, found the other day by accident in the book cabinet. I have so much stuff I need to donate and/or discard; the problem: when? where? who will take? because of Covid-19?

Time to hit publish, put on my shoes, ear plugs and head out for #walk20in2020 with Gretchen and Liz. Joining Kat for another unraveled wednesday.


one little word|5.26.20…


Drop by drop is the water pot filled. ~ Buddha

Over these past days, correction, months, of social distancing and staying at home, I’ve been more conscious of the minutes, hours, passage of time. I suspect we all have as shared by news and social media tales of how we are coping – or not – world wide. I know the rhythm of my days has certainly changed; I suspect there won’t be a return to what was and in many ways, that is A-OK with me…for I am liking the flow and new habits that I am creating. That’s good.

On my bucket or someday maybe – list, has been a wish: resume the practice of art journaling. Ten years ago, when I first retired, I did a lot of art journaling. I drifted away. I’m not sure why or how. Lately, I’ve found myself dabbling in messy art. Could this be the reawakening? Or just a passing fancy? Only time will tell but in the meantime, I am enjoying the reconnection.

There are other habits on my list I wish to resume, start  or stop. But before I tackle them, I shall focus on cementing my reconnection with messy art journaling, my unrequited love?

How has your word shown up in your life this month? Please share your link below and if there are problems, add the link to your post in this blog’s comments. The linkup expires June 3, 2020.

I look forward to reading about your 2020 One Little Word experience. Thanks for sharing.


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friday’s thoughts | 5.22.20 …


~18 may 2020 LOAD entry~

the days run together… in these times, only venturing out primarily to a) get some fresh air or b) stretch my legs, I’m in the house … today it rains, il pleut, as I always enter in my journal. the steady patter of rain drops on the skylight is very soothing, almost causing me to doze off -ha!, tho’ I did consider a return to bed with a good book – but who am I kidding? I don’t return to bed for naps unless I am not feeling well and well, that’s not the situation, knock on wood!

Friday afternoons’ Journal Club sessions are on hiatus until the Fall. Hmmm. I normally continue the practice, on my own, during the interim…thus far, since the session’s end, I’ve fallen out of the practice (i.e., Friday afternoon journaling session). Time to resume; I know the rhythm. Yes! I will do that; in fact, I am doing so now, sortof, as I pen this post. Normally, my journaling is handwritten.

The house is quiet; Norman just left to take a walk. The only sounds I hear are the click, click of the keyboard, the tick tick of the clock and an occasional car driving down the street. What do I do next?  I have plenty options:

  1. create today’s LOAD 520 layout – the theme is friendship;
  2. find some fabric among my stash for two small quilt projects on my list;
  3. update the May Collect photo collage;
  4.  take a lunch break; and
  5. read a chapter in Before We Were Yours.

I think after I hit publish I’ll do 4 and 5 … and then see what next calls to me…

We here in the Nation’s capital are still under a stay-at-home order with a possible lifting 29 May. Ah, here comes the sun? And a reminder: Tuesday, 26 May is the One Little Word monthly link up here on this blog. Looking forward to sharing and reading.

Have a great holiday weekend, however you spend it. Be safe!



unraveled wednesday | 5.20.20…


My entry for the 20th day of LOAD – Layout A Day – May 2020 Challenge. Last December, I gifted myself some luscious  pearlescent water colours; I finally got around to taking them for a test spin today! In person, they’re more pearlescent and I think using smoother cardstock paper will make a difference.  It’s all fun…and to be continued.


I am still reading Before We Were Yours and started the above – it’s non-fiction – Monday… Miter blocks are movin’ right along – two to go and this block will also be done. If I play my cards right, I may even finish the lap robe by the end of #the100dayproject. Time will tell…

Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday.