this tree|11.25.21…

this tree, Thanksgiving 2021

Nearly 36 years ago I moved into my house; several years thereafter, I fell in love with the Japanese Maple tree and promptly had one planted. Over the years, I have watched the tree grow and change colors as the seasons evolved: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

I have delighted in watching the leaves change on the trees – but none more so than this year.

This year, this autumn, as best I can recollect, the Japanese Maple – this tree – shines and glows in all its glory! Its color is absolutely stunning! A feast for the eyes, even on a grey day.

It has been chilly all week: mornings, I sit with a woven shawl thrown around my shoulders and on my walks, accompanied by hats, gloves. My glasses are easily fogged by my mask – I always wear when out in the world, despite being fully vaccinated. The mask reassures me and I trust, others too.

In the wee small hours of this very chilly – 38 degrees – Thanksgiving morn, I am especially grateful for this tree and this day. May your days, especially this Thanksgiving, be filled with good health, good food, the companionship of loved ones, both near and far … and a this tree.


simply a moment | 11.15. 21…

Normally on the 15th of the month, I aim to document and share a moment from the day. It occurred to me today that only on the 15th of November can I share the day’s moment/s at the time closest to when I was born: circa 7:42 pm.

Today is/was my birthday; I’ve had many trips around the sun and looking forward to many more. The story goes that when I was born, my father had not left the hospital more than ten minutes, out to get a burger, thinking that it’d yet be a while before I made my grand entrance. Hah! Fooled him!

I had a grand day filled with well wishes and my favorite eats: pizza (this time Panera’s flatbread), salad and of course, Prosecco… all topped off with a couple pieces of delicious lemon ( my fave flavor) cookies. I am filled not only with good food but more importantly, the well wishes of Family and Friends, far and near.

Before I leave, enjoy this photo from today: this Japanese Maple, probably close to 34 years old, is exceptionally beautiful this year. Sorry, the goodies are all gone…they were indeed delish.


on this autumn day |11.12.21 …

sometimes mondays | 11.8.21…

thinking I frequently approach Mondays focusing (obsessing?) about all that’s on the week’s docket: things to do that are due or even, overdue… and I (we) wonder: how will I fit it all in? Today, I took a different approach and decided to focus on the following:

inspired by the gorgeous colors of autumn ~ especially today’s display of trees, their foliage, captured on my walk this afternoon… a perfect autumn day with just right temperature for a long walk…

grateful that my niece Dolly, husband and the two little guys arrived safely in North Carolina to visit in-laws – both are having health-related issues. not (ever?) a good time but all are thankful for and taking each day at a time. Dolly did all the driving; for sure she’s tired. Rest up!

fulfilled by yesterday’s Friendstitch gathering. this time we celebrated two birthdays: Margaret’s Oct 29th and mine, on its way Nov 15 <more on that next week… As always, the food was delicious: yummy homemade vegetable soup; delicious salads; scrumptious desserts (no, one could not just eat one); and Prosecco

… and now the sun’s beginning to set – it’s just barely 5 PM non-DST ! I for one am perfectly happy that real time has returned! How about you?


one little word| colors of October …

Today, the 31st of the month: Halloween and the absolute. last. day/date of the month. Slowly but surely over the course of this month the season has brought autumn’s vibrant colors and delightful Halloween displays in folks’ yards. This photo I took October 4…

Today, I had planned to take an early afternoon walk and just as I prepared to step out, Mother Nature decided to move in a few dark and stormy (looking) clouds…think I’ll wait a bit and see what’s next in store.

In the meantime, I’ll continue with my game of playing with colorful Post-it Notes – both analog (actual paper, sticky notes) and digital (on the new Post-It app) <the latter I’ve yet to try>.

Another quick look out: still dark and stormy. So I’ll hit publish and move onto the next item. Hmm, wonder what color sticky note I’ll choose next.

Happy Halloween!

sometimes mondays |10.11.21 …

Sunrise 4 October 2021

The following questions are from the book An American Sunrise, Poems by Joy Harjo, an internationally renowned performer (she plays the saxophone) and writer of the Muscogee Creek Nation. She was named Poet Laureate of the United States in 2019.


First question: Can you first govern yourself?

Second question: What is the state of your own household?

Third question: Do you have a proven record of community service and compassionate acts?

Fourth question: Do you know the history and laws of your principalities?

Fifth question: So you follow sound principles? Look for fresh vision to lift all the inhabitants of the land, including animals, plants, elements, all who share this earth?

Sixth question: Are you owned by lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, lobbyists, or other politicians, anyone else who would unfairly profit by your decisions ?

Seventh question: Do you have authority by the original keepers of the lands, those who obey natural law and are in the service of the lands on which you stand? “

I found this poem provocative and thought it most fitting for contemplation on this day of commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day.

An American Sunrise : poems/Joy Harjo. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2019.

olw| colors of august …

..already, signs of meteorological autumn/fall are beginning to display in the trees and of course the flowers in my and neighbors’ yards – my crazy azalea is blooming yet again.  Black-eyed Susans, mums, add their  pop of color to the landscape.  This morning I saw a yellow school bus making its way to or from a school – yes! Kids in DC started school yesterday.  (Chris, my 7 years’ old great grand nephew, starts Tuesday – he lives in MD- and will also be going to school, virtually, yet again. I noticed Sunday – on a Target  run – all the children were  wearing colorful masks.) 

Yesterday’s mail brought a colorful collection of scrapbook papers, an order from The Paper Curator (how could I resist?) and an acrylic stamp set, depicted by the colorful geometric shapes on the left side of the picture. (The stamps are made by Ali Edwards and Laura Wonsik; more info here ). The colorful pencils I picked up from Barnes and Noble and the mini composition books from Walgreens – I couldn’t resist. Occasionally I use a composition book for a specific project’s notes. I am still making colorful Confetti Quilt blocks…and tho’ I’ve yet to master the  process of foundation paper piecing, I do like the final result. I’ve decided to make my final quilt a wall hanging – approx 24” x 36 .“ Which means perhaps  I’m half-way there? I plan to share a progress photo before the week’s end.

We’re slated for fallout from Hurricane Ida; slowly yet surely the sky is turning from blue to grey as the rain clouds start to move in.  At least it will be cooler and that’s always welcomed! 

Joining Carolyn and others for another look at our 2021 One Little Words. 

See you in September!


friendstitchin’ / 8-22-21…

The highlight of the end of week #33, Sunday August 22, 2021: our second Friendstitch gathering since Covid-19 shut the country/world down in 2020. The food was delish: salad; breads; Sun Chips  (I cannot ever eat “just one” ); Prosecco and delicious cookies for dessert. The best part: leftovers to take home so we could savor the tastes as well as  the afternoon’s memories.  I think I was so busy stuffing my mouth that I plumb forgot to take one picture! Say what?!

We always have a lovely time; yesterday was no exception. Despite the fact that I didn’t take any photos, I did find a needlepoint project online that I ordered. There is a story that goes with it and as soon as the canvas and yarns arrive, I will share. In the meantime, the photo above is of last Friday’s sunset.

It’s hard to believe that in just nine days September  – my favorite month – will be here. Bring it on! Are you looking forward to Autumn/Fall?


simply a moment | 15 august 2021 …


     8 am/cloudy/70 degrees, I wrote and continued:  My tea’s cooling, if not cooled, cold. I’ve returned to the classic (7 x 9) Happy Planner dot grid  paper for journaling. At least for today – it’s Simply A Moment time. Many years have elapsed since I first began documenting a specific several moments on the 15th of each month. I chose the 15th because the date is generally the middle – or close to  – of the month and also happens to be my birthday numeral.  I also use the convention of capturing the moment based on the date + time, e.g., this month, the moment I captured (in pen on paper) was 8 – 8:15 am on Sunday August 15 – 8/15. It could have easily been 8:15 pm for I think I’d most likely be awake at that time.  But a bunch of  Zzzzs does not make for very interesting copy.  And so the countdown  begins – 3 min to go til …

     8:15 am  Two sips of my now cooled tea. Sunday Baroque in my ears: Bach’s “Two Choruses'” is  playing …so lovely. The sky is laced with grey colouds. Autumn – meterological only 16 days away – 1 September.  I saw an artist on Instagram  (Lorene Edwards Forkner – #gardenercook )  who selects a daily color palette based on a plant: it’s leaf or flowers. She has a book coming out Spring 2022;  I plan to purchase but in the meantime, I’ll follow her on IG. Today’s colors: shades of grey (and not 50!). Guess it could be green with a hint of brown as the season’s changing.  Looking out the window, I see the leaves on this tree are not only turning brown but that many have fallen and there are more gaps, spaces, views of the grey sky showing through.  My tea needs replacing –  it’s cooled and my cup’s almost empty…

And thus was the beginning of my Sunday which later included an afternoon trip to Barnes & Noble, complete with my mask! There were a lot of people out at the shopping mall – nearly all were masked and moving and most retail establishments and eateries required masks. Worked for me!