sometimes mondays …


… begin as tho’ we’re still on DST (daylight savings time).  Even tho’ we resumed normal time yesterday, my body clock has yet to adjust. This morning I was wide awake at  4 am! Rather than try to resume sleep, I read, finishing one book and just a few pages left in another.  I am grateful the books were on my nightstand  …

… greet the morning with rain.  I’m reminded that it is for the earth, the trees, the plants, bushes, animals and for us ~ so that we may eat and breathe, grow and live …and for that, I am eternally grateful…

For what are you grateful on this Monday?

14 thoughts on “sometimes mondays …

  1. I, too, awoke around 4:00, but I’m grateful that I finally drifted off to sleep again until around 6:00. A rainy day here, as well.


  2. I was up at zero-dark-thirty this morning as well! It takes a few days for those internal clocks to reset themselves!

    One thing I am counting as a gratitude… it won’t be hard to be up extra early tomorrow to go work the polls! 🙂


  3. I am grateful for having time to have coffee with a good friend this a.m. We too had a rainy morning that gave way to a beautiful partly cloudy November sky.


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