what to write?


I have great admiration for writers! Their craft is hard work! I appreciate the stories they tell, the wisdom they impart, the advice given to aspiring  writers and the invitation to readers to learn, create and enjoy.  I always visit the  “writing” section in bookstores and libraries, looking for a new title to whet my appetite. I often revisit my own library, too, selecting a book to re-read, for there is always something new within to capture my attention and stir my soul.

Last month, I found the above book during a visit to Barnes & Noble. This little 154 page book is a gem – and a perfect match for me: mindful is my 2018 word – and because it is on my radar, most times when I see it on a magazine or as part of a book title or even a knitting pattern, my curiosity is piqued. Via 59 little essays, the author, a professor and director of creative writing at Ohio University, shares “quotations and brief responses to those quotations, illuminating how, in my view, writing and mindfulness can intersect in positive and productive ways.” (p.16)

Many  Most days, I resolve to post earlier in the day than I do. What to write? looms over my head. Today was one of those days and reading essay 23, page 70,  these words: “the longest journey begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu,”  captured my attention.  Dinty Moore reminds us that each writing project begins with the writing of one word. 

I thought…Voila!  Today I’ll share this delightful, very helpful little book.  I wrote the first word and sentence!  And then more words began to flow. Time now to hit publish and move on with the day: Off to the grocery store for Thanksgiving prep.

How do you jumpstart your writing?


10 thoughts on “what to write?

  1. Most of my ideas come to me before I fall asleep or while riding in the car (when Steve is driving) and I can just let my mind wander.

    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Funny you should ask. I considered this topic this morning. I always begin with a journal entry – somehow it is a good warm up. When I feel as if I have “soup for brains” and have trouble beginning my morning writing practice, I fall back on one of these activities. I read from a book on writing/writing prompts. I have three or four favorites. Sometimes I pick a word that can be used as more than one part of speech and look up the dictionary definition as well as the origin of the word in two big thick dictionaries I keep on my side desk. Then I free write based on the word. Other times I read poetry.


  3. You have a lovely collection of books on writing! I get ideas about what to write all over the place, but figuring out where to start is still a challenge. Maybe I should just quit worrying about it … and type!


  4. Ahhh… the bloggers greatest fear… what to write! I am with you, put a word on the page… build some words around it… move some words around… and pretty soon you have a paragraph. I love the writing process and have been much thinking about your comments about how much easier it is to write when you don’t have a “write about” topic. I am contemplating some fun changes in the New Year… and perhaps what is best of all about this is the process of “trying on” new ideas!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Norman!


  5. That looks like a great, little book. Mindful was the best word I ever chose for OLW, and I’m still picking up books and magazines about it. The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution was one of the most recent—and probably the most sensible book I’ve read on eating well—and thoughtfully.


    1. I’m enjoying the book immensely…and yes, just choosing the word has opened soooo many doors. I think I shall continue with it in 2018. I’ve added the mindfulness-based eating solution to my list! Thanks.


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