collecting february 2019 …


Every year in February, since 2010, I’ve participated in the  month long scrapbook challenge – LOAD, Layout A Day. Each day we received a prompt and a challenge based on a theme. This year’s theme was inspired by the 80th Anniversary of the movie “The Wizard of Oz” and great fun!

Tho’ we’re not required to keep to the theme or the prompts – for the object is to make a layout a day of favorite memories – I found that the prompts certainly recalled memories and inspired my layouts. Most of mine featured Kayla, the little boys, the weather, events, etc…in short: snippets of me, family members, my life and memories!

Days 1, 6 and 21 feature Kayla, circa ages 2-4; she is now 18. The little boys are in 4, 8 & 18.; they are ages 4 and 14 months. I – or a facsimile of me – am in 7,9,11, 20 & 21. The photo of me in # 20 was taken when I was about 42…a while ago!

Sadly, my god doggie ( # 27) Watson’s life on this earth ended  this month but we take solace in knowing that his last seven years on this planet earth were spent in a home filled with love. (Watson was a rescue dog, found abandoned on a PA roadside).

Strangely enough, looking through my stash, I found a cutout from a birthday gift card – #28 – that my friend Margaret gave me at some point in time…and it was perfect for the last day’s creation: my Ode to LOAD. 

And that’s a wrap for February…


PS. A click on the photo (or use command /+ key on a Mac) should make the image larger.

7 thoughts on “collecting february 2019 …

  1. I’m so impressed! I completed LOAD two or three times, but it doesn’t even get on my radar anymore. Your layouts are colorful and varied. I love the full page photo on the 23rd.


  2. Catching up here. Those pink blossoms are a sight for sore eyes. February looks like it was a good month. Spring has to be around the corner. We had four or five inches of snow last Friday. I am glad Norman has a clean bill of health.


  3. WOW, Honoré – that’s a lot of layouts! LOVE how many stories you were able to fit into those 28 pages. Curious – what do you do with the finished layouts?


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