tgif | 8.2.19 …



thinking: I can’t believe that August is here and this time next month will be Labor Day… already, leaves are falling from the trees…

gratitude: July, albeit beastly hot was pleasant and filled with the colors, sights and sounds of my days. I am so ever grateful that I was able to capture the month’s glory …

inspired : by the rhythm of my/ our days during this summer of 2019: slow, easy; a quiet staycation …

forward looking : continuing the slow, steady pace of summer, especially more flirtation with creative play and the completion – or near – of a quilt project, long overdue.

Have a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “tgif | 8.2.19 …

  1. Your July looked spectacular! And, while I am looking forward to temps not at the insanely hot levels – I am not hoping to spur on fall at all. I am with you on an inspired staycation! Best thing ever!


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