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… Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” is a quote frequently featured on this blog over the nearly 10 years I’ve been blogging. The events in my life last week…and I don’t intend to be melodramatic, eclipse any previous examples I’ve shared to illustrate RBurns’ ode. I don’t know why I didn’t get around to last Wednesday’s post, just that I’d decided to gather Wed, Thurs and Fri bon mots into one post, slated to publish Friday.

All of that changed Thursday morning, approximately 9:15 am.  Norman had a 10 am appointment; I was dropping him off and planned to proceed to join my Thursday Stitching group. I’d put my stitching basket in the back seat of the car, tuned to go back into the house and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my face. Yep! I fell! Fortunately, I didn’t beak any bones or teeth but I did have to go to the dentist because tissue from my upper lip got stuck in between my two front teeth.

I am on the mend; bruised but not broken, thankfully. I’m not sure what caused my fall; I do recall feeling a little roughness in the curb’s concrete; perhaps the sole of my shoe got stuck momentarily. It’s all a mystery. Whatever, gravity won – always. The bruising is beginning to fade.

Today is my niece/namesake’s 51st birthday.  To celebrate, my niece decided to have a family PJ party Saturday with her mom (my sister), girls (my grand nieces),  the little boys and Hazel (Chris’ pup). I opted not to stay overnight. Everybody had a grand time; I’m not too sure how much sleep anyone got.  Happy Happy Mimi as her grandsons, Chris and Elias, call her.

Yesterday (Sunday)  it rained buckets and more buckets. Today has been a perfect Fall day; it has been cold enough to spur the leaves to begin changing colors. Finally!  I have a quiet week ahead and I’m looking forward to resuming my old +new = different rhythm/cadence‽ And the Wed and Fri blog post schedule.



11 thoughts on “just life …

  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you are on the mend and not too sore from your fall. It sounds painful to have tissue stuck between teeth. I am glad you were able to attend the birthday celebration and I’d probably do as you did and come home to my own bed. Here is to a less eventful and more routine week for you. You might have earned a carmel latte from Zeke’s.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your fall but glad that it wasn’t worse. I do hope the bruises and pain are disappearing and you are soon back to normal. Gravity can indeed be a cruel trickster!


  3. Oh my, Honoré! I’m so sorry to hear about your fall, but glad it wasn’t any worse – sending all the good healing juju and hugs. Take care of you!


  4. I am pretty sure that even the best laid plans never include any tumbles! I am ever so glad that nothing was broken. Darn that gravity anyways! Sending you all my love and prayers for a swift recovery. XO


  5. So hoping you are doing better!! So happy you did not break anything! I went out to get the paper months ago – in my bare feet – I started walking up the driveway – and just caught my foot somehow and down I went. First thing I did was make sure none of my neighbors saw me – ha! I was fortunate that I did not break or hurt anything. Just a bit of skinned up hands and knees. Take care of yourself lady!!


  6. I’m sorry to read of your fall. Happy you didn’t break anything. I hope your mouth is mending. It’s a good reminder to me to be careful. Happy healing.


  7. Oh, Honoré! I’ve fallen behind on my blog reading, so just now read about your tumble. I so hope you’re feeling better and recovering comfortably by now. That must have been so frightening! Sending all the quick-healing juju your way. XO


  8. I also am behind on blog reading as we were traveling to Sarah’s. I am so sorry to hear about your fall, and relieved to hear nothing was broken. I hope by the time you read this, that you are feeling much better, and the bruising is fading.


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