wintry morn | 2.18.21 …

…sleet, snow, birds of many feathers, flocking to stay warm, forage, occasionally gang up on one who has a prized gem in its beak.

I sit here at the table, watching Mother Nature; it seems that the sky is brighter – still very much grey – yet brighter. We’ve just finished breakfast – late, today; but that’s OK, we’ve nowhere to go, be. Thankfully.

I check the weather app; yep, precip scheduled to end in the next 4 min – it’s now 11 AM. The birds are resting on tree branches, electric and Fios wires. Perhaps wondering what they’ll do next? As I.

I see a new denizen in the yard – a squirrel …and that reminds me of a project patiently awaiting my attention. Yes, for sure I will stitch a bit … but first, time to wash breakfast dishes and then … so many choices.

I hope you are having a good day.


12 thoughts on “wintry morn | 2.18.21 …

  1. What a lovely slice of your day (well, all except for those pesky dishes!) I hope the precipitation has ended and that winter will realize that it’s days are numbered!


  2. What Kat said! and also … I hope your hand is really feeling better enough to stitch! (and I – yes me! – am counting the days to Daylight Savings Time … hello dark early mornings!)


  3. I think the one blessing of this pandemic is that it’s making us not have to go anywhere — which means that we can stay put and enjoy a beautiful snowy morning instead of having to go out and fight it! Like Mary, I hope you’re feeling up to stitching!


  4. So it’s been really warm here like in the 80s it’s so surreal to see your snow photos! Jeff biked by himself the other day and saw a deer really close and then a Fox squirrel ….no time for a photo though.
    Stay warm and snug inside; I hope Norman his found a ‘better normal’ and is feeling well.


  5. Just lovely to read your evocative words and hear your thoughts :). Hoping the rest of the day saw you finding some gentle projects to enjoy and that all is well with you both.


  6. Such a lovely photo. The snow, while more than we’ve ever seen here, is so beautiful. There are no city cars to much it up and make it grey and black. An occasional animal pees on the snow, some with blood, indicating that babies and spring will come!


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