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I first read Gretchen Rubin’s  Happiness Project book, published in 2009.  I’ve read all her Happiness Project books and listen to  her and sister Liz’ weekly podcast  Happier with Gretchen Rubin and now More Happier, which airs twice a month…and I’ve been to see Gretchen and Liz both times when they came to Washington DC.  Am I a fan? Yeah, I think one could safely say so.

Gretchen also has a blog which she religiously keeps up to date.  Today, I’m borrowing her “5 things Making Me Happy” prompt to share here on Morning Glory


  1. Spring has arrived! The colors of the flowers are just delightfully uplifting – seeing them – especially the yellow tulips – adds bounce to my step on my nearly (weather permitting)  daily walks …
  2. These days, I have been focusing on my AmaZe project, compiling, writing, editing stories of my life. Over the years, I’ve shared  these stories both current and past on my blog/s.  My aim is to end 2022 with a finished product/project. What that looks like is still a mystery… but I’m enjoying the ride …
  3.  I’m feeling  the urge to pick up needles – for all sorts of stitching projects – again. One of the side effects I experienced during Covid* was a loss of the desire to spend significant time in my sewing studio…slowly, that desire is changing to positive territory. New to my list to try: cross stitch.  I have several patterns/kits and eventually, I’ll get roun’ to it.
  4.  Clearing the garage of stuff that is labeled for the dump or recycling, such as electronics, medications, etc. is another major category on my list:   Just the idea of completing this task makes me happy!
  5. Engaging in more creative art journaling play… watercoloring; acryllic stamping; drawing the sky and clouds.  – Oh the clouds – today they’ve been a study and I’d like to be able to capture them in other ways beyond photgraphy.

What’s making you happier these days?


P. S. One other thing that has made me happy: I got my second Covid booster shot yesterday!

10 thoughts on “borrowing …

  1. I love the idea for this post! I am with you on #4. My goal is to have a haul away truck come and clear out my piles by the end of June. It was supposed to be my first retirement project but in July 2020 it was not possible. As to what is making me happy/happier these days – so many good library books to read with my little people, some fun socks on my needles, and meeting up with my quilting buddies this weekend.


  2. Your posts always make me happy!! What a lovely list, Honoré! So happy to hear that you’re feeling a stir to return to your sewing machine – and I can’t wait to see what you create. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. These are all great reasons to be happy! I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten your second booster and that the desire to do more crafting and stitching has been returning to you.


  4. the lovely weather we’ve had all weekend! Cool-ish, sunny, and breezy! Working on shelves in new artroom makes me SO happy! A magazine rack for all my Stampington magazines is next. Oh, and Brin feels better, that’s making me really happy & grateful! 😉


  5. Your list makes me happy as I can picture you working at these tasks and enjoying the spring flowers. The possibility of traveling to see my children and grandchildren late Spring and my spinning is making me happy.


  6. A pile of books has been making me happy lately! Yay for your 2nd booster (Marc got his on Monday and I’m holding off to be closer to summer with that boost of immunity) and for getting some sewing mojo back – I know that makes you feel “more like yourself”!


  7. That’s a lovely list, and I’m enjoying the happiness in your voice … Hoping that your fingers find their way to new delights as well as familiar pastures. I’m happy to have to have spent nine days with my son and daughter and their families – first time we have all been together for almost three years.


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