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It’s Fall, Y’all!

Perhaps you are like me: Autumn/Fall is my absolutest favorite time of the year…and has been since I started school at age  4 years, 10 months. I remember telling my mother (whom I called Lilly – that’s what her close friends called her, not Mama) on my 3rd day of school: “You don’t have to walk me to school today, Lilly. I’m a big girl now and I can go by myself.”  Years later, my mother shared that a) her heart sank and b) even tho’ she let me venture on my own, she discreetly followed me to school. When I think about that, I have to smile …tho’ I never caught sight of her, I fully appreciate what she did!

Each year there after, “back to school” meant a new plaid dress and shoes – oxfords, usually burgandy in color to which my father gave the first-class United States Army shine – and, drum roll: a new box of crayons and a ream of newsprint. Nirvana! My heart still quickens at the memory.  Of course, as I matriculated to higher grades, 3, 4, 5, plaid book bags were also a part of back-to-school regalia (backpacks came well after I was out of high school, if not college).

Now that my school days are loooong gone, my excitement, plans (wishes?) for the season include the completion of my AMAZE – About ME A-Z – project: telling my life stories. I began this project six years ago and it has been off/on. In February of this year, I resumed it in earnest; I am now at the point where I’m ready for the next phase: Determining the final project format/s – it will be a book, either a scrapbook album or printed photo book or both.

I am also developing a slight itch to stitch: knit, quilt, and learn to embroider.  And, of course, my TBR list continues to grow – which is a good thing and content for the next blog post.  Stay tuned…


*Despite the very summery looking photo ~ the subject of another post – someday…

8 thoughts on “Zibaldone| 8.26.22 …

  1. Fall is also my favorite season. I love seeing the colors change as well as the slight changes in the angle of the sun. I love new school supplies and fresh starts. And I love the crisp mornings.

    I can totally picture you telling your mother that you were just fine to take yourself to school. I imagine you were quite a handful as far as she was concerned!


  2. I too think of fall arriving when school starts again. Now if only the weather would get the hint! 🙂

    Good luck on your Amaze project!


  3. Yep! No matter how many years it’s been since I went “back to school” (and it’s been a LOT of years), I always think of September as the “new year.” (And I also got a new dress and a fresh pair of “sturdy tie-shoes” to begin the new school year.) XO


  4. I’m still excited by all the back-to-school sales and school supplies, although I have to restrain myself as I have plenty of product! We babysat for our three granddaughters today who shared their supply lists and the back-to-school shopping they’ve done. Just 11 days away for them. They’re off to first, third and sixth grades. Hard to believe my oldest one is off to Middle School.


  5. As a retired educator and parent, Fall feels like the start of a new year. I love the story of you and your Mom following you to school. She sounds like a very wise woman and an ideal mother. I still love school supplies.


  6. Looking forward very much to seeing what format your Amaze project assumes … it will be wonderful to hold in your hands and bequeath to others. I hope this little starting school anecdote makes it in there too: how very supportive of your Mama to honour your request to walk :).


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