Come In!



Welcome November and NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. I believe this is  my eighth year.  I plan to focus this month’s posts on the theme of Gratitude: 30 things (at least) in my life for which I am grateful. As each day comes, it brings a host of everyday small yet very important things: memories, events, and people, etc that brighten my life…


IMG_5828 (1)

What better way to begin November than to celebrate Norman’s 85th birthday!  Yep, this “Kid from Chicago” is 85 today! We have no big plans – I offered; he said he’d rather spend a quiet, ordinary day at home. Wish granted! (Quiet as it’s kept: My vote was for a quiet-at-home day, too!)

Over the past month, I’ve not been very idle. I spent a lot of time looking at and trying  on themes for the blog,  sort of like trying on clothes, not on my “fave things to do” list… plus waiting for answers (via email) from WordPress staff.  Despite the fact that I’ve had experience with Word Press, setting up a blog from scratch turns out not to be as easy as I’d expected…however, thanks to friends Kat and Mary, and my niece Christian, I’m learning.

I also made 31 more story/scrapbook layouts. Some are included on the COLLECT photo collage that I’ll share over the weekend!

It’s good to be back! In fact, it’s great! I  look forward to reconnecting and spending these next 30 days with you! Thank you for being here. Know that friends are truly one of the greatest blessings in my life.