il pleut à verse*…


My weatherman – Norman – said today was going to be sunny! Ha! He’s fired!

It rained hard…not good for voting. I can only hope that the downpour is confined to DC…tho’ I doubt that is the case. Nationally, today’s votes in DC do not count because we don’t have a vote in Congress. We are, however, voting for the mayor , city council , US. state’s attorney and school board.

In between very.heavy. downpours, we had Norman’s Benz towed (yet again for service) about a mile and a half, returned home to change clothes – we were soaked – and then drove two blocks to our voting place, again getting soaked, perhaps 15 steps between the car and the entrance to the polls.

Despite the pouring rain and the fact that residents of our Nation’s capital do not have a vote in Congress, I am grateful that we, the people, exercise our right and civic duty to vote. My parents always voted; I grew up when voting age was 21 years in this country. I will vote until I no longer can.

As I bring this post to a close, the rain’s stopped; it appears the sky is brightening. Perhaps that’s a good sign…


*it’s raining very hard