on this tuesday …


4:30 am. Morning. Wide awake. Way too early to be up and about! What does a person do?  Why read, of course. And that I did! On my nightstand, Circe by Madeline Miller. Read for about an hour… Back to sleep.

7:30 am. Awoke; certainly a more reasonable hour. Later than usual morning solitude and quiet time. Forecast: Cold, windy, today. Possible snow on Thursday. Noooo!

12 noon. Met friend Margaret for lunch – delicious pizza.

2 pm. Artists’ consignment shop we wanted to browse ~ closed on Tues! A new coffee shop/roastery open – we didn’t like the music. Decided to call it a day; we each left for our individual drive home.

2:45 pm. Arrive home. Cold and windy still. Quick, brisk walk!

3:30 pm. Afternoon. Sleepy. Can’t keep my eyes open. What does a person do? Why take a nap, of course!

4:30 pm. Awake. Refreshed. Write blog post. Grateful for a day spent with a longtime good friend, good food, a warm house and a revitalizing nap!






12 thoughts on “on this tuesday …

  1. Whoa – 4:30 a.m. is way too early. After our road trip last week, I am still catching up. This a.m. I shut off the alarm and slept until 8. I was rested but missed my early morning writing routine. Tomorrow is a new day though. I love the snapshots you provide of your day.


  2. That early waking that happens in the weeks following fall time change is such a frustration…and makes for really dragging afternoons!

    We have that same snow in the forecast… I hope it is short lived!


  3. Ordinary days are often what we need. I am having one and I refuse to fill it up Honore. I need the quiet. I awoke at peace knowing i could sit and knit all day. Inside. No running around, not even to the barn which I love. I just need a BREAK


  4. I’ve been waking up way too early pretty consistently since moving the clocks back. The only plus I can say for it is that I finally get up around 6:00—and twice this week have been at the gym by 6:30!


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