unraveled wednesday|11.14.18 …

this is a raffle quilt from a neighboring quilt group…for a mere $5, one gets 6 chances to win; I should be so lucky! perhaps…

Today began early enough: first a 10 am appointment for a haircut; then two stops: a- office supply store and b – vacuum cleaner repair shop. Had to have the vacuum vacuumed in order for the vacuum to vacuum! Bottom line: the vacuum cleaner works again! 

This year, we’re hosting Thanksgiving and celebrating Elias’ first birthday, too! I have been pondering and deciding the menu – sticking with traditional : turkey/corn pudding/cranberries/salad/ roasted veggies, raspberry-sour cream gelatin salad… and rolls. Dolly will help – she’s good in the kitchen and likes to cook!

Here it is, after 4 pm and the day’s somewhat unraveled…but not lost. Tho’ sunset is rapidly upon us, I’m going to spend the next couple hours restoring some order to the craft studio…

And that’s the way it is on a wednesday… joining Kat and others here


14 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|11.14.18 …

  1. Sounds like my Wednesday. Made it to the gym first thing. Then I had a lovely lunch out with three friends–one visiting from Wisconsin. By the time I had done the grocery shopping and run two errands it was 4:00! Hopefully, I’ll get a second wind after the news.


  2. Best of luck with the winning raffle ticket. I like the idea of a traditional Thanksgiving menu. The holiday seems made for traditions and family. Don’t work too hard though.


  3. That quilt! Good luck… what a stunning piece that is! Your Thanksgiving feast sounds delicious! We are planning a quiet day at home – just the two of us, so I am not certain of the menu yet!


  4. Love the quilt how do we buy tickets? 😉 Your menu made my mouth water! Corn pudding, hmmmmm I have never tried it….sounds interesting. Thanks for the link to Kat, I love meeting new crafters/readers!


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