fun? and done!


My “to do” list had 10 bullets on it… only one was time-sensitive. I had one thing I needed to do for tomorrow’s monthly Friendstitch gathering…and that was moved forward into the near future. My friend Pat called to say she’d “not gotten her part done therefore, could we reschedule?” Worked for me ’cause I was planning to finish my part this afternoon, too.

The first thing I chose to tackle: clean the frig! Clearly no big deal. I proceeded. As I was putting the shelves back, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what to do with one! We’ve had the refrigerator for 13 years!  I called Norman for assistance – ha! He hadn’t a clue. I wonder why? Could it be that he has never “cleaned the frig?” (Not a complaint; just a fact!)  I finally figured it out and then proceeded with my list. No pressure. As for the other items, no one was waiting for me to do x*y*z in order to get abc done. I did start in my craft studio…and it’ll wait, patiently, I’m sure.

It’s now 5:18 pm. The sun is setting. I’m going to set a spell too, then gather my stitching project/s for tomorrow and call it a day! I am grateful that my day was productive and that I am able to laugh about the the minor annoyance re: clean frig.


4 thoughts on “fun? and done!

  1. It is perfect timing for a clean fridge!! And, perhaps even time for a rework of the shelves! 🙂 Maybe that will be on my list for later this week! XO


  2. I love crossing things off my to-do list. Last week I tackled and completed a big project before it ever got on the list. I was tempted to add it, just so I could cross it off. Congrats on your productive day!


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